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The Lonely Island

Normal Guy (Interlude)

(*Samberg, Schaffer, Taccone)

-Hey what's up man?*
-Oh, not much you do.
-Hey, are you ready por the party tonight?
-Yeah man, already got a case of Santana's champagne so, should be good...
-Oh nice.
-Yeah, that's bitchin'...
-Oh shit, oh man...
-Don't make eye contact.
-Ding-dong, normal guy in the house.
-Hey man...
-Oh, it's great seeing you other normal guys.
-Oh yeah...
-What you guys up to?
-Ah, no much.
-Hey, what are you other normal guys up to?
-Seriously nothing, we just, ah...
-Do you guys know what I hate?
-Hanging out with a weirdo.
-Hanging out with some loser weirdo, it's my biggest fear
-Yeah, well, I was just--
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-It's like we don't even know where they're coming from.
-Right, we understand.
-I can't take it when some weirdo shows up unannounced.
-Okay, well I gotta go--
-There's nothing wrong with any of us.
-Okay man we got--
-None of us has any major problems.
-Oh man...
-Yeah we--
-Hey, let's make a pact!
-Let's make a suicide pact!
-Ah, no that's--
-I'll go first...

{*Gun Goes Off*}

-The award for best comedy sketch goes to... The Lonely Island.

Who said we're wack?
You said we're wack?
You take it back

-Thank you.
-Oh thank you very much.

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