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The Lonely Island

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The Lonely Island

Sax Man

(*Samberg, Schaffer, Taccone, Matthew Compton)
[** feat. Jack Black:]

[The Lonely Island:]
Wellllll he was the Sax Man from the state of Tennessee*
First set in with the band at the ripe old age of three - we told
And when he blew into that horn all the people gathered 'round
Club manager jumped right up and said 'Boy I gotta have that sound!'
Scream 'Hallelujah Lord!', I said the Sax Man's got my soul
Everybody gotta move their feet, when the Sax Man started to blow
Now blow it Sax Man!

{*Farting saxophone Sounds*}

Mmmmmm'kay he's a little shy, but his genius cannot hide
Cause when the Sax Man starts to win he gonna take you on a ride
Take it Sax Man!

{*2 Saxophone Notes*}

Ow! Take it Sax Man!
Okay he'll be right with you folks!

All right, Sax Man, that's my fault, I put you on the spot
But now you're all warmed up and this-a next one's gonna be hot
Kick it Sax Man! (C'mon!)

{*One bad Note*}

(What the fuck are you doing!!)

{*Another bad Note*}

Haha, okay! Why don't we have a little inspiration now
You know this game, Sax Man!
Repeat after me
Here we go, and..
Shibbidy bop bop, buda bop bah {*one note*}
Dip dip di-dip, dip dip di-dip dip {*two weak notes*}
Arrip da di-dip, bop ba-doo-doo day-day {*no sound at all*}
Fuckin play somethin Sax Man! {*pause.. one weak note*}
Okay, movin on!
Sax Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!
Sax Man!

{*One Off Key Note*}

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