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The Neighbourhood( THE NBHD )

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The Neighbourhood( THE NBHD )


(This is the beat that makes your mother cry)

[Intro:DJ Drama]
I know you read our names like
When are they ever gonna stop?
Don Cannon and DJ Drama
Back in the Neighbourhood
Black and white
You shoulda knew better

[Verse 1]
I want to be honest
I want to be bad
I want to destroy you
I want to move fast
I want the attention
I want all the cash
I want all the ass
Is it too much to ask?
I want to be faithful
I want to be raw
I want to be ignorant
I want to know all
I want die someday
I want to live long
I want what I ask for
I get what I want

I'm thinking we should ride
To a place that we don't know
To a place where no one's seen us before
I'm thinking you and I
Better just go with the flow
Last thing that we should do is go slow

[Verse 2]
I think that I'm human
I think about God
I think of the chances
I think that I'm wrong
I think to be thoughtful
I know that I'm not
You think I'm a fake
And I know you're a fraud
I fuck cause I need to
I fuck when I want
I'll fuck you in love
Even though it is not
I'll fucking digest you
One kiss at a time
You wish I was yours
And I hope that you're mine