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Gonna Be Free

[verse 1:Brer]
Yeah I'm a believer
I won't be beleagured i
give a dam no leave it to beaver
want R-E-S-P-E-C-T like aretha
but if i don't use my free then I won't have that
Yes,we sire, we preserve some peace
and we serve the least first
to reverse the deep hurt that's featured
in each turn of the sheet of unlearned history like
Wall Street
the Trail of tears
the war in the Phillipnes
not washing our hands clean
like surgeons in emergencies
media and ennui like chondroitin and glucosamine
swell at the joint at wounded knee
let's decode the negro and be like steve biko and not hearing a peep from the projects like beaker in research
we are jumping in feet first
reactions more than knee-jerk
dont let his story recur
swipes credit like visa
this empire doesn't need a sequel
As for me, I'm gonna be free, I'm gonna be free from all this history
Yeah me i'm gonna be free I'm gonna be free x2
[Jonny 5]
I rhyme post-post ironic flows po-mo
I came to fuck shit up.. homo stonewall laugh at that no no don't yall
assume that i'm straight cuz you don't know I'm close to the edge like bono
won't fall victim to the gordian knot
trying the sword again rockmine for the win
plotlines'll stretch like accordion
to resurrect born again inner visions
lordy been freed from all the history
beef assault and misery
just how it should be for y'all and is for me
that's the truth plplplpl
bald as mister clean
I spit it like listerine
til my lips are string hot scalding blistering
I'm composed in primitive thoughts and prayers
what we want most is to unlock the prison with God's forgiveness
Islamabad to montrose
holy ghoste haunt host touch down like broncos
this song goes on like ponchos

If we can start a riot what can we really do
If we can tear a city down what can we really do
If we can get the bad guys
crush enemies
cause casualities

If we can start a momement what can we really do
If we can lift a city up what can we really do
If we if we can heal the wounded
feed our families
face history..

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