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Stop the Apocalypse

[Featuring:Brer Rabbit & Jonny 5]

[Jonny 5]
What the fuck is that?
Barreling towards our Metropolis
From the deep water in the likeness of Lochness
Knockin' its noggin like a hockey stick hocking spit
Meltin' down the top of this planet like chocolates
Lava rocks slosh in his esophagus like lozenges
For every drop that drips down somebody
Starts talkin' shit
With the awkwardest sounds
The prophet says the opposite
We've got to stop, stop, stop the apocalypse
Elevate like geysers and rise like helium
Together Colorado show 'em how the west is really one
I'll rap 'till my finger's numb and leave your toes tinglin'
For heaven on earth slash blue planet kingdom come
I'm Jonny 5 but I act like Wall-E 'till the trash is sorted
Intro more particular forms like stacks of quarters
I am I b bee surviving colony collapse disorder

Stop, stop, stop the apocalypse

[Brer Rabbit]
Aooooga, aooooga, booga, booga
Antichrist pulls up in a bad mini cooper
Fabulous doo and a vocab I woulda stayed in school for
Says he's overdue but was beach bummin' in Newport
So he says, what's new sport
I said, stoppin' you of course
He says, you have the better chance of slobbing the nob of a unicorn
I stuck around the cuneiform and told the spawn of Lucifer
The shoelessness of his backside we had a solution for
We rise at the end like a standing ovation
Lay it on thick for those with good patience
Keep in touch with the good like holding
Newborn babies
All the while spittin' sicker than a mouth full of rabies
Our maybes are certain
No closing of curtains
Our maydays are milkshakes for the social still forming
From storming to norming to fighting to see a new day dawning

[Jonny 5]
We stand for the we (Wii) like Nintendo tennis
In the land of the free locked
Revolution is key quinoa lentils spinach
And we're about to change the game
Treat it like a scrimmage
Preach to the choir when the minister's finished
Speak and inspire like Dennis Kuchinich
Reaching for hire (higher) like the apprentice
Leaving 'em red up and awe like dentists
Perking up antennas
It's worth a shot man tetanus
To overturn the sentence
Making records
Book worldwide
Like Guinness
Your witness

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