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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )

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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )


Good evening ladies and gentleman
I'm Mia Pittson
I'm standing in front of the historic Manns Chinese Theatre
Where thousands, literally thousands of fans, journalists, and well-wishers have gathered merely to catch a glimpse of the artist formerly known as The Fresh Prince.
This album premiere marks Will Smith's return to the world of rap.
The long awaited album entitled Big Willie Style has broken sale records everywhere from Bangkok to Madagascar.
As we all anxiously await the arrival of the man himself...
(crowd cheers)
Oh, wait a minute... judging from the stir of the crowd, yes!
He has arrived ladies and gentlemen, Will Smith has arrived!

{Keith B-Real starts speaking}
Uh Will, Will,
Will, Brotha, Real Brothers

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Hey, hey, what's up man?

(Keith B-Real)
No, how you doin?
Look, I'm Keith B-Real from Keep-It-Real Radio and founding editor of Keep-It-Real Magazine and motivational tapes
We practice what we preach here brotha
And that is keepin it real
Now uh, Will
(mumbles under breath)
Lemme ask you something, do you think that you make quote-on-quote real rap music? Cause I ain't never seen no woo dancin with no singin alien-- keep it real

Well, yeah brotha I like to have a good time,
Ya know, and have fun with the music that I make
Ya know, let people have fun with it

{Keith B-Real}
Fun in times like these
Anyway, keep it real
Another question if I can move on
Will, uh, you've saved the world two years in a row
Now do you feel you have some sort of superbilistic complex?

I-I'm sorry brotha, superb...superbilistic?

{Keith B-Real}
Yeah, uh, you know..
Look it up, look it up
I ain't got time
I'm keepin it real brotha
I mean do you feel that you're superbilist than everybody else?

Now wait...hold on, hold on.. umm
Yo Charlie.. Charlie
Look why don't you uh, escort Mr. Real inside
Show him to a real nice table

Oh, okay, is that the VIP?
Easy, easy man... I just got this out the cleaners

Hey, you take care Keith

{Keith B-Real}
This is crushed linen
Dude my motivational tapes....Will Smith

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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )
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