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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )

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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )

Chosen One

I rock the flows and
I rock the shows and
I rock the cloths, and homie
I'm the chosen one

Not in the Biblical sense
but in the lyrical context
my contents illuminate your nonsense
under the pretense that violence blowuptuates your profits
then forward progress will condense them
so get the goin' start, blow the target
rap world's an open market
golden hearted so my flow gets charted
oh my God, it's him again, it's Will again, but his flows retarded
wait, could it be he's getting better still?
possibly we could be seein' a better Will?
possibly he could be earning more cheddar still?
learn so much from he we should get a bill?
sees the boundaries, he blows it open
he's been ropa dopin' now he's floatin' G's
you gonna try him? Man, I don't condone it
rap's dying and our only hope is the chosen

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In the imperial sense
'cause my material lends itself to more than monetary wealth
more than your superficial trend of conceptions
i try to write like y'all, my pen rejects it
the outline, the prototype for the bomb rhymer
i'm the renaissance man, the 5-timer
scout's honor i'ma remain a headliner
why y'all remain sideliner, pompomers
i seen the days when radio plays for a rapper was as far away from me as Malaysia
Still stayed on stage became a trail blazer
for da love of da game remain a roof raiser
mic chord like a tazer
leave a sting when i hit the thing
emcees fienin' to defeat the king
rapper and emcee, nope, they don't mean the same
a emcee is a rapper who done seen the rain
i weathered the storm
the throne seated
you won't defeat it
go on, beat it
i'm the chosen


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Will Smith( Willard Carroll Smith Jr. )
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