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Joel Turner【 5 albums 52 lyrics 】
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Out of the Box 2007
1.Intro Joel Turner (feat. Me-One) (Provided)
2.Dope (feat. C4 & Kno) (Provided)
3.Don't Feel (feat. KNO) (Provided)
4.Beat Box Interlude (Provided)
5.La (feat. Mystro) (Provided)
6.JBigz Freestyle (Provided)
7.City of Dreams (feat. C4 & Kno) (Provided)
8.We're On Fire (feat. C4 & Kno) (Provided)
9.You (feat. Dave Of De La Soul) (Provided)
10.From the Streets (feat. KNO & Preech) (Provided)
11.1,2,3 (feat. Preech) (Provided)
12.Going On (feat. C4 & Kno) (Provided)
13.Beat Box Night @ the Studi (Provided)
14.Why (feat. Torsion of Tha Mighty Elementz) (Provided)
15.Byron (feat. C4) (Provided)
16.Battle (feat. C4 & Kno) (Provided)
17.Joel Turner Outro (Provided)
18.These Kids (Remix)
19.City of Dreams (Explicit Version) [feat. C4 & Kno] (Provided)
20.Dope (Explicit Version) [feat. C4 & Kno] (Provided)
21.Why (Explicit Version) [feat. Torsion of Tha Mighty Elementz] (Provided)
City of Dreams - EP 2007
1.City of Dreams (Album Version) [feat. C4 & Kno] (Provided)
2.Turn Up the Bass (Beatbox Skit) [feat. C4 & Kno] (Provided)
3.Jungle Rhythm (Beatbox Skit) [feat. C4 & Kno] (Provided)
4.1, 2, 3 (feat. Preech) (Provided)
5.You (feat. De La Soul) (Provided)
All Night Long - EP 2007
1.All Night Long (Provided)
2.JBIGZ Freestyle 1 (Provided)
3.All Night Long (Summertime Remix) (Provided)
4.JBIGZ Freestyle 2 (Provided)
5.All Night Long (Weapon X Remix) (Provided)
6.All Night Long (Instrumental) (Provided)
Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets 2004
1.These Kids (Radio Edit)
2.Funk U Up (Provided)
3.Knock U Out
4.Drum And Bass (Provided)
6.Scatbox (Provided)
7.Turn Up The Bass (Provided)
8.Lady (Provided)
9.Jungle Rhythm (Provided)
10.Behind Bars
11.Hip Hop (Provided)
12.Rally Car (Provided)
13.Up In The Studio (Provided)
14.Teeth (Provided)
15.The Real JT (Provided)
16.These Kids (Scanmix)
17.The Big JT (Provided)
18.Brisbane City (Provided)
19.Smoker (Provided)
1.These Kids

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