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Yo, I'm sick of the lack of respect that I get,
From these cats who think that they pose as a threat,
When they don't even know me,
Yet they try and put me to the test,
Thinking their on top of me, 'cause they got a bigger chest,
But I just sit back and let them guess,
Half of wondering what I can do to 'em next,
They don't know what to expect,
I'm telling you now, it's not about success,
It's a fact we've all been blessed from the man upstairs,
But nobody cares, these people so quick to judge,
Can't even walk the streets at night without being mugged,
How can one fight turn out to homies getting slugged,
It seems that we forget that he's watching us from above,
Some dudes are heartless, that's why we have lost so many rap artists,
It's garbage, they never think of thier sons and daughters,
Now they got to grow without a father to love,
God bless the memory of Tupac, Notorious, Jam Master J, and Buggs

It's time that people started to show a little respect,
We all love it but we all represent,
We only have one life and we should live it to the end,
We should all have the opportunity to do our best

What's up with Hip Hop, it's like we gotta get props
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Dont give us props you get dropped
It's a serious problem we got,
When there's lack of respect
Leads to death by gun shots
It don't happen in Australia yet
How long have we got?
Before we all gotta be hardcore, when crews start wars,
When beef jump off the beat, come to your streets and all,
When peeps knock on your door and force to the floor,
Put a gun in your mouth, blow your brains out all over the wall
Cause we all want this respect, dont disrespect us,
It's like we all gotta prove that we the best
It just dont make sense,
We all paranoid and stressed
We aren't running from coppers, we run from each other instead,
How long before an aussie MC dead, when an old friend
Gets this crazy idea in his head like you trying to test,
Pulls out his weapons and uses them,
We gotta settle down before Hip Hip starts getting stupid man


A little respect...
A little respect...

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