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Celine Dion( Céline Marie Claudette Dion )

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【 Original Album Classics(經典專輯全集) 】【 2012-04-06 】

Album songs:
1.It's All Coming Back to Me Now

2.Because You Loved Me

3.Falling Into You

4.Make You Happy

5.Seduces Me

6.All By Myself

7.Declaration Of Love

8.Dreamin' Of You

9.I Love You

10.If That's What It Takes

11.I Don't Know

12.River Deep, Mountain High

13.Call The Man


15.The Reason


17.Treat Her Like A Lady

18.Why Oh Why

19.Love Is On The Way

20.Tell Him

21.Where Is The Love

22.When I Need You

23.Miles to Go(Before I Sleep)


25.Just A Little Bit Of Love

26.My Heart Will Go On(Love Theme from 〞Titanic〞)

27.I Hate You Then I Love You

28.To Love You More

29.Let's Talk About Love

30.I'm Alive

31.Right In Front Of You

32.Have You Ever Been In Love

33.Rain, Tax(It's Inevitable)

34.New Day Has Come (Radio Remix), A -(remix) (Provided)

35.Ten Days

36.Goodbye's(The Saddest Word)


38.I Surrender

39.At Last

40.Sorry For Love

41.A£n Existe Amor (L'Amour Existe Encore) (Spanish Version)

42.The Greatest Reward (Album Version)

43.When The Wrong One Loves You Right

44.A New Day Has Come(Radio Remix)

45.Nature Boy

Album Intro:

★紀錄第一! 5座葛萊美獎、2座奧斯卡、「史上銷售最佳女性流行藝人」、「傳奇藝人」大獎…
★銷售第一! 2億張唱片銷售、19張冠軍作品
★情歌第一! 出道30年擁有42首冠軍單曲
★首次集結3張暢銷千萬個人專輯: Falling Into You、Let’s Talk About love、A New Day Has Come全球限量盒裝珍藏發行