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Celine Dion( Céline Marie Claudette Dion )

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【 My Love(摯愛:世紀情歌金選+新曲) 】【 2008-10-31 】

Album songs:
1.Where Does My Heart Beat Now

2.Beauty & The Beast (duet with Peabo Bryson)

3.If You Asked Me To

4.Love Can Move Mountains

5.My Love(Live Version)

6.The Power of Love

7.You Make Me Feel Like A(Natural Woman)

8.Because You Loved Me

9.The Power of the Dream

10.It's All Coming Back to Me Now

11.All by Myself

12.Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore

13.Tell Him (duet with Barbra Streisand)

14.My Heart Will Go On

15.To Love You More

16.River Deep Mountain High

17.I'm Your Angel (Duet With R. Kelly)

18.The Prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli)

19.That's the Way It Is

20.A New Day Has Come (Radio remix)

21.I'm Alive

22.I Drove All Night

23.Taking Chances

24.There Comes a Time

25.Dance with My Father

26.I Knew I Loved You

27.My Love (Radio Version) (Provided)

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Album Intro:

★ 繼1999年首張精選「All The Way…A Decade Of Song天長地久-世紀情歌精選」後,情歌天后完整集結自出道1990-2008最代表暢銷情歌全新精選
★ 27首雙CD完整紀錄感動全球2億人的愛情故事,收錄Beauty And The Beast、The Power Of Love、My Heart Will Go On、All By Myself等歌迷最愛經典,再加My Love全新現場版及從未發行新曲There Comes A Time