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Danger Danger


Danger Danger

Still Kickin' (feat. Paul Laine)

Cut on the street life's a passionate cry
Tooth for a tooth, it's en eye for en eye
Caught in a game where the winner take all
And bastards pay just to sea you fall
Laid me down like a sacrificial lamb
Stood there poised above me, dagger in your hand
And all the wolves were watchin', waitin' for the kill
But you couldn't stick it in, you never will


Told you once, i told you twice (you never listen)
I don't walk away from a fight, that's why

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I'm still kickin'-just when you thought l was dead
Still kickin'
Don't believe what they said
I might have been down, but i was never out
I'm still kickin', i'm still kickin' around

Rollin' the dice, odds were 20 to 1
I'd end up starin' down the banal of a gun
And i took the bullet but i never went down
Don't forget what goes around, always comes around
Yes, it does!