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Danger Danger


Danger Danger

Under The Gun

Lost in the shuffle
The hustle and bustle of the city
Just a sweet young girl
In a knockdown world, such a pity
Well she never worried, growin' up in a hurry
No one showed her the right
She met a man, he took her hand one nite
Out on the street all the people you meet
Wanna use you for your innocent ways
Runnin' around you're the talk of the town today
You were so cool you never played by the rules
You thought you had it in the palm of your hand
You're on your way to the top and they won't let you stop
'Till you're there, now you're
Under the gun
Out on the run
Paying the price with your flesh and your blood
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It's bringin' you down
Livin' your life, under the gun
Under the lights, you're feelin' the bite
Of big city days and big city nites
Now you're alone, you wanna go home, but you can't
You're goin' outta your head, they're in and outta your bed
You're losin' sight of what you thought was the truth
They'll string you along 'til you're tattered and torn
Then along comes somebody new, when you're
You were on the top but now you're runnin' out of time
Open your eyes
Now you're under the gun
Under the gun