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作詞:Patricia Grey David Lee
作曲:Patricia Grey David Lee

Lately, you've been on my mind
Baby, I thought I'd never find
A women who could be my friend
you taught me how to live again
and lately, I just want to be with you

You're more than a friend
more than a lover
you taught me how to be free
I'm thinking lately of asking you babe,
to spend your whole life loving me….

Lately, rain's gone away
Babe, the sun's gona stay
now I know where I'm going to
you give me strength to see it through
and lately, I'm just to love with you….

Heart In The Wind
Lyrics:Larry Kleiman Music:David Lee

Clickety clack, I'm going back
Back to my home, sweet home
I hope you still care
Back to my roots
Wore out my boots
Chasing the dreams I thought would
Take me somewhere
Heart in the wind
Straight home like an arrow
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Baby, I'm so sorry
I put you on the shelf
I had to find myself
Thinking of you
All we've been through
It's gonna seem a little
Strange for a while
My eyes are red
I miss our bed
Feeling alone when no one
Knows you by name
Heart in the wind
Straight home like an arrow
Baby, I'm so sorry
I just had to go

OOH, heart in the wind tonight
Eagle on a homeward flight
Lock this drifter's soul away
OOH, heart in the wind tonight
Don't turn out the bedroom light
Right back where I started from
You will see a change has come
Heart in the wind

Up round the bend, close to the end
Takes you so long to go the very last mile
Town after town
Day after day
Station to stati on
Soon they all look the same