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Another busy day in the market place I can see for miles
through my penthouse window But when you came into view
that's when I knew this is more than a business lunch
Congratulations baby on your new promotion But I won't
play the part of Just another drop in the ocean Knew
you climb to the top You dished out the slob then You
expected me to lick your boots But I understand cause
I'm more of a man Than those guys in a 3-piece suit Hey
girls I'm the one who taught you how to dress for
success and Every other little thing you know I've got
to keep my feet Yea In this Executive suite That ain't
no trick or treat Well my five o'clock shadow caused
a false alarm At the in-crowd watering hole You checked
me for size Through the edge of your eyes As I stole a
glimpse of your soul Yes I was in power just the other
hour Yea Now the mob chases after you But those junior
execs who all picked up your checks Can't serves your
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account like I do Now baby don't think I am just
standing around wondering where my life went I've got
to keep my feet Yea In this Executive suite That ain't
no trick or treat Since I fallen from grace where the
powers that be You'd let it all go to your head You
fill the position I once held secure You friends all
colored me dead The stem of the lash and the smell of
the cash Here is fist for your manicure bums Now you
can take all your meals with your pack of trained
seals While they strain at the leash for your crumbs
You know the market is gonna crash someday baby But
when it all tumbling down on you remember I am as good
as gold You rode my coat tails all the way to the big
time But I can't hide my pride behind your designer's
skirt Just to keep from fallen down from a job