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Cosmic Birds

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Cosmic Birds

Melt in Trees

Look for the brightside of getting older
Knowing each labour working harder

Come to the warehouse
Carry the weapons
Of your story

Flee from the stone house I'm no sorry
Free from the liars that is boring

Burn up their coffins
Flames in the roses
Crowns of nothing

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I'm afraid of die, fucking paradise, and became a stone
Take me deep woods, burn and melt me in trees

Like the cinnamon driven softly breeze through the window slit
Soil and water, a new living thing

I dont wanna wait and become a stone
I just wanna wait and become
a blow of life, be running throught the leaves
and hide the branch, with melody and crunch
I'm old and tired, just wanna be the seed
against the time, be sheltering and lair.