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Cosmic Birds

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Cosmic Birds

Piano Lessons

'Stop shaking right now and play the song, da capo, gently but with force'
You say the words like you are strong but I can see your dying core
If I play, will you sing along? Your voice makes me feel less alone
Slow down and take a look at us, now my entrails start to ache
'Try to focus on the notes'. First comes a C, then I don't know

No, I do not need to know your age, the ways of love are often strange
Not to worry, in the dark we can be whoever we want
Lower your hands so they fit mine, nothing's made sacred by time
Just take it all and leave your shrine, slay me now for the first time
Tear out my innocence, I know I won't see it again

Dead stars still glow at night, the snow begins to breathe
Don't push me away
Dead stars still glow at night but darkness needs to breed
Don't push me away, don't welcome your defeat
Touch my hand, teach it well
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Touch my hand, teach it well

Don't lie, don't you love it now that there's a spark in me?
Don't push me away
If you're the tutoring hand and I'm the apprentice
Then do tell me why do you tremble like this?
Touch my hand, teach it well

Now let's just pretend you love me back, adult words, mouth taken aback
Smoke weed beneath the big black sky, the Blackeberg Bridge will melt the ice
Don't say that I'm too young to feel, now I need you to let me in
I'll do it all, I'll press the keys like I know what it is to live
Touch your right and make you strong like I know what it is to love
Then I'll bring you back to life like I know what is going on