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Social Club Misfits

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Social Club Misfits

Misfit Generation

[Hook:Chris Batson]
Going through life man Im feelin like I am a ghost
If you ain't ever been called a loser don't act like you know
Have you ever been the butt of someone else's joke
Have you ever felt that suicide was the only way to go

I didn't think so
Oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1: Fern]
I'm thinkin how uncle Harry felt
Cousin Sammy's last moment
Pardon me yo
He was legendary, my cousin
Rough night tonight
Thinkin bout loved ones gone before I
It's just like I just needed some more time
It's like the temperature got colder in this already freezing world
And I couldn't imagine it without my ole girl
I remember the times of low self esteem
Had acne at seventeen, I didn't want you to see (yesh!)
But always kept the strive, my heart was always too strong
Persevere through awkwardness, the stage of spitin out flows
The Lord is my shepherd since grandma scootered the streets
When I speak on how he loves you say cuz he loves me
The misfit generation

[Hook: Chris Batson]

[Verse 2: Marty]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah what is this love that he would still die for me (uh)
And I believe the best has yet to come, it's gotta be (yeah)
Social club is for the Misfits and will always be
They could call us names but the words ain't definin' me
But thanks for reminding me (yeah)
I will not conform to society
And they can never take what's inside of me (never)
I'm tryna be the best that I can be for my fam
Droppin' out of school, God totally wrecked my plans (uh)
I used to laugh off the things they said about me (yeah)
And sat inside my room and asked if they could live without me (uh)
I tried to keep my head up but I felt like I was drownin'
I was lost inside the world until the king of kings found me
For real

[Hook: Chris Batson]