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Social Club Misfits


[Verse 1:Marty]
How long will all of this last
I can't enjoy single day I know that time is going by fast
Hope you having fun I feel miserable
Defeated by my regrets, Living check to check to check
But one day we all will get rich, until then I live everyday like if I hit the brakes and I crash
If I met my girl one year earlier would she wait for me to come back
I told her I was in love with her I just needed space I was stressed
I needed space from a desk
Went from school to work to school to work got burned out trying to find success
If I risk it all it might kill me, ask God if He can hear me
Just promise me you'll stay with me
I got a long way I'm on empty, I'm on low
I thought by now I would have been fine
All my yesterdays seem like better days when nobody else was around

They say that we all relax
I don't believe, but I hold you down forever
Life will haunt you if you let her
It doesn't get much better if you never show no effort

[Verse 2: Fern]
They say we kick it with the sauce
We in the kitchen with the light switch dim
Blindfolded barely yet Dee Brown with my arm on my face like I'm tryin' to dab the rim
For the people who thought that it wasn't them, it's them boys from the club still rockin them Timbalands
From the flights no sleep, no prob
Tho we are blessed to do this cause what I was doing then
Moving packs is something you shouldn't know but I tell you I did it when I be producing flows
Marty told me Fern grab this moment I told him that be no problem homey
Trust me, I'm going to spit with passion homie
You know we had to make a classic homie
This that Mum's the word (Shhh)
Flow like mine's I none you heard
I put it down I don't know about lazy
Been trill matter fact we too wavy
Lord said, Fern you got it, the flow that I gave you similar to the force of the US Navy
Been blessed I'm rollin' with two babies, one wife, the blessings that You gave me
68 & Douglas, Fernando and Ruth Raised me
Hollywood Florida Boy truth graced me


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