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Mick Jenkins

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Mick Jenkins

Canada Dry

[Verse 1]
Ridin' around off this ginger ale
Peep the herbal essence in the papers, vapors
On fire if you couldn't tell, but trust me
I ain't checkin' for no Jezebelles or Delilahs
Lot of niggas screamin' that they real
Perception is a motherfuckin' pill, you a liar
I been rockin' boats since Aliyah
Tryin' to take it higher with these notes like Mariah
Fuck with me, your connect ain't got it for the Free
Start the elevation, I can't keep it lowkey
OG, finna' wake these niggas up, ain't been gettin' no sleep
Tryin' to bring him more sheep, I'm like little Bo Peep
What you in it for?
Cause they out here coppin' souls what they hittin fo'
Are you the hitta' or the lick, whats the difference though?
Yeah I heard you got a plan, whats the mission though?
Cause this game is so foul (too foul)
Got a young man tryin' to move through the city like a black Tom Thibodeau
Like Stallone, you can fight it all you want
But we still gonna be expendable, these niggas don't listen, no
I was always told that you never really know what you got 'til it's gone
Cancer caught my granny 'fore I got a chance to check up what the fuck was I on? (the fuck was I on?)
I was playing checkers this is chess
Never put your faith into a check
Got to play the hand that you was dealt
There's only four aces in a deck, motherfucker, I've been

[Outro (2X)]
Ridin' around off this ginger ale
Momma wouldn't like the way I smell right now
Realest nigga out can't you tell
Drink this water, tell me how you feel right now
Ridin' around off this ginger ale
Prayin' everyday that I don't fail right now
Healin' niggas, how can't you tell
Drink this water, tell me how you feel right now