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Mick Jenkins


It's like turning nothing into everything
Starting with scraps and redefining what society thinks is quality
Like who thought up the golden standard the haves?
The have nots ask not what you can do for them but what have you done?
I mean you're sick and you're tired and you're hungry and you're thirsty
And you take that first bite or drink, you sip slow
Because truth is harsh but it burns, but it's also addictive
You want more till you...
Drink more water

Flooded the market, murdering flows it's blood on the carpet
A crime scene, gave 'em the light
Wait 'till I turn on the high beams
Niggas ain't seeing me
Drunk off this water you might just see 3 of me
Don't greet me as God, my nigga I ain't no deity
Take off them water wings, I'm losing water weight I been on creatine
Curing my countenance, creating this gold from the lead in my pencil
I think I'm a alchemist, and it's gon take courage no cowardly dogs
In the pound, we don't want 'em round
No love lost or found, don't give a fuck bout a clown
Bit 'em with the Pros conversation profound
I was down on my luck but I'm still myself
Drinking all this water tryna heal myself
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Know I keep it real even steal homie
Just want you to feel It I don't really ever feel myself
Remember when I had to find a meal myself
Fresh out of jail, crashed at my nigga Slims
He ain't think twice bout the shit
The move was a roll of the dice
Know the lord on my side cause them 63rd nights was a bitch
Always knew that life wasn't this though
Still had to get right with the wrist wrote this though
With a little light and a pistol
Lowkey, peep how he keep the peace, you know me

They say I be talking bout water too much
You hear that?
That's how many fucks I could give
Still I got love for a hater would give up a rib
They say they confused about ginger ale
Well come have a sip when it's chill
Y'all need to chill
People tell me I'm that nigga now
I know none of that shit is real