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Father John Misty

Well, You Can Do It Without Me

If you see a flaming sword in your dreams at night
And feel inspired to assign me up to the front line
Well give the order, you'll storm the border without me

If they tell you you're a genius but you need some proof
Ask anybody on the payroll to go out with you
If they avoid ya, then they'll award ya definitely

Nobody that's around just seems to get it right
How hard is it to follow just a few guidelines
And smile while you do it

If you want a page written 'bout you in the book
But you need a food tester 'cause you curse the cook
I'll take some wine but you can dine without me
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Without me
Who would let you play God
And make-believe that all the blasphemy
Is coming only from me?

If you're bound for the throne but the king won't die
I can occupy the queen but that's for her and I
I can do her and you'll be ruler without me

Yeah you can do it
But you can do it without me