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Father John Misty

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Father John Misty

Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddam Thirsty Crow.

Living it up
I have it all
To pull more women than any two men or a train can haul
But my baby she does something way more impressive than the Georgia crawl
She blackens pages like a Russian romantic
Gets down more often than a blow-up doll
Why the long face
Blondie I'm already taken
I may act like a lunatic
You think I'm fucking crazy you're mistaken
Keep moving

On the road again
For months at a time
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It doesn't take half that long for men about town to forget what's mine
And now my genius can drink in silence
She's got to listen to your tired-ass lies
I know its hard to believe a good-hearted woman
To have a body that make your daddy cry
Why the long face jerk off your chance has been taken
Good one
You may think like an animal
You try that cat and mouse shit you'll get bitten
Keep moving

Nothing ever good happens at The Old Thirsty Crow