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Gillie Da Kid( Nasir Fard )

Make It Home

Hook:I'm Just Praying To The Lord Hope This Ain't The Day That I Don't Make It Home,Cause I'm Out Here Tryna Get It,So Lord Please Forgive Me Know I'm Doing Wrong Ohh
Got Money All On My Mind,Women All On My Line
But I Stay On My Grind,Give Em None Of My Time
Cause I'm Just Out Here Tryna Get It,So Lord Please Forgive Me,Know I'm Doing Wrong Just Hope I Make It Home
Verse 1:Rite Back Out On The Road Again I Just Left The Neck He Said The Load Is In I Got The Stash Spot Inside The Muff-a-ler Of The F-150 Gettin Loaded In N Once It's Loaded In I Got To Focus In I Got To Take This Ride I'm Talking 9-5 I'm Talking Couple Days A Couple Hotels I Gotta Hope The Police Didn't Notice Him I Got The Attitude Like I Suppose To Win I Ain't Suppose To Lose I Post Up In A Benz Dats Da Benefits Of Gettin Fast Money You Get Caught You Ain't Suppose To Bend You Ain't Suppose To Snitch Stand Up Niggaz Ain't Suppose To Sit Damn You The One Dat Broke The Oath N Shit At The District Giving Info N Shit Dats Some Ho Shit You Broke The Code N Shit Still Gettin Bread Talking Loaves Of It Still In The Kitchen I'm Watching Yola Whip Niggaz Still Whipping Dat Rover Mannn Until It's Over Shit Well God Damn Police On My Back N It's Too Obvious To Notice It So I'm Praying To The Lord Just Hoping Dat A Nigga Make It Home N Shit Amen
Verse 2: These Are Them Last Days On The Road To Riches That Cash Way Got Mouths To Feed I Hear Em Crying Hunger Its Hard Backing Out The Driveway Soft White I Can't Afford Nights Being Locked Up Inside The Jail Cell I Touch Mics To Let My Voice Vibrate Throug Those Speakers Then The Deal Failed Through All Of Them Hard Times When A Nigga Shot Me By The Waistline I Was Caught Slipping Like John Travolta When Bruce Willis Shot Him In Pulp Fiction But Lived Tho N Now A Nigga Out For The Pesos N Everythins A Go When I Say So Figga Gang Got Niggaz On The Payroll I'm The Maestro I Can Teach Y'all The Economy Not A Con Artist But I Come To Harvest N I'm A Make This Money For My Company N I'm A Get It Till The Lord Come For Me I Ain't Comfortable But I Stay Calm Ima Soul Survivor Nigga Akon On The Road Doing These Shows These Niggaz Ain't Accountable So I Stay Armed Salaam Nigga When You Round A Nigga
That's The Only Way I Know You Greeting Me I Done Greif Some Homies Dat Ain't Make It Home You Wouldn't Wanna Make It Change The Scenery N Seems To Be When You Succeed Women Fall On They Knees They Wanna Suck Seeds They Want Some Hammer Time But Can't Touch Dis Let Em Blow My Mind Man They Such Feins

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