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Gillie Da Kid( Nasir Fard )

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Gillie Da Kid( Nasir Fard )

Take Off

Big glizzy on dizzy, snatch your boy up,
I call your phone I need a chizzy
Ever since a youngin homie earned my [?]
North Phillie, [?]avenue, that is the city
We don't shoot your [?]muscle nigga shoot your [?]
I was taught to never chase bitches, chase chizze
Me [?]back to back in them [?]
Know I cheated, I [?]get [?]
Took off like a [?]jet, they talking Gucci sneaks and they ain't bought a pair yet
They talking benzes, they ain't never steered yet,
I ain't never ever met a nigga that I feared yet
You see our faces, ain't no stress on them
We don't deal with niggas all our [?]mexicans
I know he said he'll love her to the death but him
Found out she's a whore, understand why he left her there
My pinky, he got the diamond ring,
What can I say? I like the finer things
Gucci this, [?]designer things [?]
Put it in front of back and mommy sings
I beat that pussy up like Rodney King
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Like I did 20 years and just got out the bing
You can give 20 years I will never sing
Not one letter, one word, one noun, nigga one verb
I will mumble word they don't get no [?]
Ask me questions I'm like I don't speak no english
They gettin money, they balling on the budget
I'm getting chicken, they getting chicken nuggers
I'm like nigga fuck it, we can take it there
If it's on it's on, make sure the stakes is clear
When you see Gillie, you know the quake is there
My niggas run down on your like we was racing there
At the back of your head I bet your face [?]
How in the heaven you bout yo make it there
My automo so icey you can't see the time off
I'm a young fly flashy [?]
You niggas looking [?]I'm off these niggas up [?]

I said, one thing for sure, 2 things for sure
[?]man nigga, should have put you in the circus
[?]silly as you get a benz nigga lurking
[?]is it really worth it, [?]lock me in the cell [?]
Tell them people are lying
Swear to God, when I was 19 I caught my first cake
[?]had a tough time giving my name at my birthday
Nowadays, niggas go to jail [?]
I'll tell them where they gotta hook up
Got a nigga 20 years, talk about that cook up
[?]catch me slipping like a transmission, fuck this hood up
My hood is your hood, warrup, warrup
I'm like Phillie on [?]out the hood, I step up in this bitch what's happening
[?]american, arrogant but [?]
One time, I be getting super laid [?]we living it, they rapping it.

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