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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )

One of Them

feat. Big Sean


I seen that big house, I need one of them
I seen that Lambo, I need one of them
I seen them PJ's, I need one of them
I see them bad bitches, got tons of them
I seen them Rollies, I need one of them
I see them Grammys, I need one of them
I seen them millions, I need some of them
See normal people, I'm not one of them
Sorry, sorry, see normal people I'm not one of them

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
The first time I been here from hell
And the drugs that I stay here
I am multiplying and much less I got here
Its just not working and once you'll be no one
And if you don't agree I ignore you
I am throwing this money, fuck being responsible
I am in here for war and the first time go get it
I feel like I am [?], multiply
Look at the scoreboard and I threw up on a [?]
I come off twice more than you
Popping champagne and I [?]more
[?]and I just want more
Greedy as hell I am not satisfied

[Verse 2?: G-Eazy]
Much less and its just not working
Just one look in the mirror new person

Things that i never had growing up
Things that i can get now that i have paper

I see them big houses

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