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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )

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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )


And this verse is just a method to communicate
Stunt on everybody just so you can hate
I think I'm the one, I'll show you why then let you debate
So direct, shoot it straight
If you just heard about me then you're stupid late
Get right or get left ho, choose a fate
Follow no one I move at my own pace, you can wait
Notice how you stop touching bread like you're losing weight
One day you will see why I'm truly great
I be on the road till I'm old like Willie Nelson is back
20k for a verse you need some help on a track
And I swear I've been all the way to hell and I'm back
Without a cosign at all I put myself on the map
I was chilling with a girl that I just met
Mid conversation got impatient
So I asked her can we fuck yet?
Guess that she was upset
That was about the time she stormed off, steaming mad
She was bad but I just let
Her go, why you sweat girls like a fur coat
In the summertime? You're a nerd bro
Never leave work never furlough
Think you're fucking with me? K, sure bro
Ready all times say the word go
Sippin' drinking merlot, started drinking early
Still the same Gerald half killer, half nerdy
So far, my 20's they've been one hell of a journey
Bob Dylan told me don't trust no one over 30
Damn, draped in Saint Laurent and Supreme
Amount of money that I spend on what I want is obscene
All surreal how we live this good off of a dream
And I swear I do it all for the team
Drunk off of the Heem
Truly feel I'm the coldest alive
All I do is work, focus, and strive
Split a swisher, roll a fatty I'mma smoke this and drive
I'm a threat, now some of you can really only hope to survive
Grab a glimpse I'm as rare as it gets
Forget whoever else you might've thought was apparently next
Out here and I'm blessed
I come to town and every girl in the city's at my show and all the parents get stressed
I'm maneuvering with flair and finesse
Working out so I could carry the west
I'll prepare for the test and I'm ready after 5 sets
Lift the whole bay with my biceps
Caution if you try to follow my steps
You will trip and fall get exhausted and collapse
Most of these haters carry germs so I'm cautious giving daps
I just can't fuck with everyone my circle stays the same size
Enjoy the lifestyle that fame buys
After party is at Drai's in Vegas where they have the view
Get some girls, grab a few but only bring the baddest through
Rappers imitate the style, I'm not even mad at you
I'm not even throwing shade, I just overshadow you
Yeah I'm in my own lane, run my own pace
Chasing nobody marathon my own race
I do it for the bay area that's home base
They try to run next to us but there ain't no space
I feel like life just switched to hyperspeed though as of recent
The difference between yourself and me is you're just decent
A garden full of flowers grew its way up through the cement
If I ever said I'm never scared just know I really mean it
I dreamed about the top I had a vision and I seen it
If you know the work comes first than you and I are in agreement
And it's a long haul but I work harder than them all
So come back in 5 years and we can talk about achievement

[Reporter]: Hey let me ask you something. Do you worry about achievement? Does it worry you or do you just do your own thing and say 'here it is you either accept it or not'?
[Tom Waits]: Well, do I worry about achievement? No I worry about a lot of things but I don't worry about achievement
[Reporter]: No, well I'll scratch achievement off