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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )

Been On (Remix)

(Ft. Rockie Fresh & Tory Lanez)

[Verse 1:Rockie Fresh]
Yeah, funny how these boys front but they hustle backwards
They send Rockie on for a lot of factors
You can keep your lil' tweets cause they don't even matter
You got a bad bitch? Well, all my homies gettin' at her
Show no love, show no mercy
I ball on these niggas: old school, James Worthy
Praises to the most high, I'm so fly
And you know I rep the Chi 'till a nigga die
But I'm in every other state every other week
Climbin' Rocky Mountains, shorty takes a while to reach that peak
Yeah, it's double M, bitch, I fuck with Meek (Maybach Music)
These niggas waitin' on the album praying that it leak
I'm droppin' heat, I'm on fire, nigga you a lie
If you disagree, get some money, fuck with me
They said a young boy slept on
But what I spent on I probably went and put your rent on
I get gone

[Hook: G-Eazy]
Everyday I got some fly shit on
Keeping all black outfit on
I already bagged most the chicks
That you out here trying to get on
You just catching up to what I've been on
Yeah, that's what I've been on

[Bridge 1: Rockie Fresh & G-Eazy]
They wanna talk about the lights
They don't even know the price man
That's that shit I been on
(Yeah, that girl you got is nice, I already had her twice
That's that shit I been on)

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Yeah, okay, that shit's what I've been doin'
I'mma do what I'm meant to and get money, this shit's been brewin'
If I'm doin' it in store beware the rise I'm ensuin'
Ah, look what the wind blew in, it's your girl who I've been screwin'
Yes, higher standards, higher class
That L.A. confidential will always keep a fire stash
Rappers want me on their songs? I make them wire cash
That's your housewife? She let me on-top-the-dryer smash
Life, don't smoke with us if you've got fragile lungs
Reminiscing being broke when I ain't have the funds
Breaking bread with the homies, now you snack on crumbs
Black on black, I'm looking like a ninja in these Shadow 1's
Yeah, I'm breaking swishers for the broccoli sesh
Coming to a city near you - it's me and Rockie Fresh
Might spend the rest of my life on tour
The Bay's what I put on for
This remix was an encore
They want more


[Bridge 2: Tory Lanez & G-Eazy]
Niggas try and gash now first class through the clouds
Nigga that's that shit I been on
Yeah, and that's how it's going down: every night, another town
That's that shit I been on

[Verse 3: Tory Lanez]
Yeah, look
And I remain that nigga, spittin' gettin' lifted off a swisher
Awkward, I just hit your bitch up off a picture off of Insta
It's the, uh, youngest on it, honestly I'm markin' targets off the list
And plan on kissin' Kate Barlow with ya bitch
Look, a nigga don't fuck with no hoes that don't give the dome
I'm gettin' dough, sick nigga I be spittin' foam
Gettin grown on my yard game, buy hard Balmain
Jeans cost half a trap-star plus a hallway
More Jordans, Fendi, Dior, sportin' your whore on my corridor
And I'm pourin' her four Porsches
Pull up for Porsches
Cops, they try and court us
These bitches let me in their slots like quarters
Old money in my spot like hoarders
Get shot like ballers on that court, bitch I'm hot like spoilers
See these niggas, you cannot control us
One umbrella stock hot like Glocks and sofas, nigga


[Bridge 1]

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