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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )


I feel like I'm flying high
Farther than eyes can see
And nothing can bring me down nothing can stop me now
Cause finally now I'm free
La la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la
Finally now I'm free

I can't lie I do feel shitty
I just heard my girl has been cheating ever since she been with me
Somebody better get me before I Chris Brown that girl
Or better yet I'll Bobby that Whitney
But real talk though that wouldn't even fit me
I'd rather make like Chi-Town and get windy
And that means hoes never see me like a gypsy
Until she find me at the bar drinking way past tipsy
Cause I ain't even about to stress or let it get me
I'd rather get another one and move on quickly
Haters try reaching for the boy but can't grip me
Cause I smoke all day like a hippy
And half the time, I be chillin' with an absent mind
Drugged down drinking syrup like it's Aunt Jemima
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I'm just playing if I had the time
To give these haters all half a line
I'd say fuck y'all

This job sucks I need a better situation
I make the same pay as the day I walked in with my application
Feel like I've been waiting for a raise
Just getting off on minimum wage
While all they can say is be patient
I'm tired of these managers and power
I'm tired of working shifts for 7 hours, making 7 bucks an hour
Come home with only energy to shower
That's why I feel sour
Yea we all want the money and the power
I wish I could be free and make music
Wishing it would blow up
Chillin' wishing life would really slow up
But everybody telling me to act like a grown up
No comprende because I don't ever want to grow up
I'm stressed out but above it all
I'm off two fat blunts so I'm really above it all
And all the hating going on man I love it all
So keep it up because I don't really give a fuck at all