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Murs( Nicholas Carter )

Murs Day

Whattup though?
Murs, 9th Wonder
Murray's Revenge!
Y'all know what time it is
Shut your fat.. nah
Watch your mouth and lower your tone and keep your hand on that cell phone
We back

Now my day in the sun has come, the one chosen
To break up the ice that got the rap world frozen
Speak that slang that'll heat up the game
Now, roll down your window turn the beat up, it bang
... Feelin the breeze
Let the world know they still makin real MC's
So please, make a call, tell your friend, tell the hood
That we back and revenge never sounded so good
Questionin 9th about choppin vocal samples
I chop you in your throat 'til you choke on the answer
Nice with this mic since I was broke and handsome
'Til I get my respect I'm holdin dope for ransom
From the West coast, everything I flow's an anthem
A&R's who slept are now throwin a tantrum
Hand 'em over boys, your jewels and your girls
Bow down to the sound cause 'Murs Rules the World'
... I'm better than your favorite rapper
But it don't take much these days for you to master the mic
Most of these rappers trapped in the hype
They makin whole albums, only half of it's tight
So they never really have an impact on your life
That's why '3:16' was genius..
We all connected through this 'Minstrel Show' man, I mean it
Until my days end I'm gettin paid my friend
Without pimpin my soul, the gangster limpin was old
So I 'Walk Like a Man' and, talk to my fans
Clocked a few grand but you gotta understand
I got a little money and I, coulda bought a chain
But my momma woulda killed me, simple and plain
Exchange foreign currency, for legal tender
Now I'm back to end the era of the great pretender
So pull your pants up and, turn that noise down
It's Murs and 9th Wonder on the second go 'round