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Nicholas Carter (born March 16, 1978), better known by his stage name Murs, is an American rapper. His name is an acronym (or backronym) that he himself has created multiple meanings for such as 'Making the Universe Recognize and Submit' or 'Making Underground Raw Shit.'

Murs is a former member of hip hop groups such as Living Legends along with Luckyiam, Sunspot Jonz, The Grouch, Scarub, Eligh, Aesop, Bicasso and Arata, and current member of 3 Melancholy Gypsys along with Scarub and Eligh, Felt along with Slug, and Melrose along with Terrace Martin. He is also a lead vocalist of The Invincibles along with Whole Wheat Bread. He also set a Guinness World Record for rapping for 24 hours non-stop (October 13, 2016) during a live stream on

On June 11, 2013, Murs released an album as lead vocalist of a band called The White Mandingos. The album is titled The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me.

Murs signed with Strange Music in 2014 and released three studio albums through the label.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Have a Nice Life 2015
1.Have A Nice Life
3.Mi Corazon
4.Woke Up Dead
6.Okey Dog
7.Pu**y and Pizza
8.Two Step
9.No More Control featuring MNDR
10.Skatin Through The City
12.The Worst
13.Black Girls Be Like
14.I Miss Mikey
$Hut Your Trap (Mixtape) 2014
3.Trap Luv
4.Mo$ Def
5.Justin Bieber'$ Black Baby
Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl 2013
2.She's So Lost
3.On Your Own
4.An Eye for an Eye
5.God's Gone Crazy
6.Mr. M
7.Lokey & Puck (Provided)
8.Falling in Flames
9.Piece Now (Provided)
The Final Adventure 2012
1.It's Over
3.Get Together
4.Funeral for a Killer
5.Baby Girl (Holding Hands)
6.Walk Like a Woman
7.Tale of Two Cities
8.Dance with Me
9.Better Way
10.Whenever You Are
Love & Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation 2011
1.316 Ways
2.Remember 2 Forget
3.Epic Salutations
4.67 Cutlass (Provided)
6.Hip Hop & Love
9.Westside Love
10.Life & Time
11.Reach Hire (Provided)
12.Dream On
13.Animal Style
Sweet Lord 2008
1.Are You Ready?
2.Nina Ross
4.And I Love It
5.PUSHHHHH (Provided)
6.It's For Real
7.Marry Me
8.Love The Way
9.Murs Inatra
MURS For President 2008
2.Better Than The Best
4.I'm Innocent
5.Lookin' Fly
6.The Science
7.Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars And 18 Months Later)
9.Road Is My Religion
10.Sooo Comfortable (Provided)
11.Time Is Now (Provided)
12.Think You Know Me
13.Me And This Jawn
14.Love And Appreciate II
15.A Part Of Me
16.Break Up (The OJ Song)
Murs 3:16 Presents: Murs And The Misadventures Of The Nova Express 2007
1.Fat Bottom (Remix)
2.Ups & Downs
3.Down In Dena (Provided)
4.L.A. Blues (feat. Da Wax) (Provided)
5.Babylon Fall (Provided)
6.Interlude (Provided)
7.Free Gear (Provided)
8.Race Day (Skit) (Provided)
9.She Had a Nascar
10.The Saga Continues (Provided)
11.Keep On Lovin' Me (feat. Murs) (Provided)
12.1st Love
13.Bang Bang Remix (feat. Murs) (Provided)
14.Truth (Provided)
15.Kiss (Remix) (Provided)
Murray's Revenge 2006
1.Murs Day
2.Murray's Law
3.Silly Girl
5.Yesterday & Today
8.Love & Appreciate
9.D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)
10.Murray's Revenge
The End of the Beginning 2003
1.You & I
2.Dibbs Did This Shit (Provided)
3.What Do You Know?
4.The Scuffle
5.The Night Before
6.Transitionz az a Ridah
7.Happy Pillz
8.Risky Business
9.The Dance
10.God's Work
11.Def Cover
12.Please Leave
13.Sore Losers (Provided)
15.18 w/ a Bullet
16.Brotherly Love
17.Got Damned?
18.Done Deal
Murs Rules the World 2000
1.Murs Rules the World
2.Living Legend
3.I Hate Your Boyfriend
4.All Day
5.Making Music
6.Slob My Nob
7.Cha Cha Cha Interlude (Provided)
8.Way Tight
9.In the Zone
10.I Did It Like That (Provided)
11.You Want My Move? (Provided)
12.Like What (Provided)
13.Sucks to Be You (Provided)
14.Way Tight (Remix)
Good Music 1999
3.24hrs. w/a G
4.Zonin' (Provided)
5.L.A. Story Pt. 1 (My Little Brother Is Crazy) (Provided)
6.Never Eat (Provided)
7.Regrets? (Provided)
8.That's Him (Provided)
9.L.A. Story Pt. 2 (Freestyle / Tagbangerlude) (Provided)
10.Room 3:16 (Provided)
12.Mystical Way (Freestyle by Murs) (Provided)
13.Chico's Chicken (Provided)
14.Rap Above (Provided)
15.Angels (Provided)
16.2 Original (Provided)
17.L.A. Story Pt. 3 (Provided)
18.My Story (Provided)
19.Murs Daywalker Intro (Provided)
F'Real 1997
1.2 Reasons (Provided)
2.8th Samurai
3.4 The Record
5.Interview With the Dominant (Provided)
6.Dominant Freestyle
7.M-3 (Anger)
8.Say Anything (Provided)
9.The Saint
10.Morocco Mike
12.The Maguire Song
13.Live My Life
14.Nites Like This
15.The Extras (Provided)
16.Ease Back
17.The Sermon
Varsity Blues
1.Varsity Blues
2.Belief's Blues
3.County Blues
4.A Friend's Blues
5.The Deepest Blue
Varsity Blues 2
1.Varsity Blues 2
2.Bummed Out Blues
3.First Love Blues
Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition
1.Bad Man!
3.The Pain
4.Trevor an' Them
5.Freak These Tales
7.Walk Like A Man
8.And This Is For...
9.The Animal
1.We On Melrose (Provided)
2.Fresh Kicks (Provided)
3.It's No Surprise (Provided)
4.We've Got Something (Provided)
5.She's A Prostitute (Provided)
6.Ding Dong (Provided)
7.Dandruff (Provided)
8.Hoodrat Blues (Provided)
9.Shes A Loser (Provided)
10.Thank U (Provided)
11.Cheating On Me (Provided)
12.Thing For You (Provided)
13.Doin' Me (Provided)
14.Hands In The Sky (Provided)
2.Lick (Provided)
3.Asian Girl (Provided)
4.Let Me Talk (Provided)
5.Cigarettes And Liquor
6.Vikki Veil
7.I Used To Love Her
8.The Problem Is...
9.3:16 Pt. 2
10.Live From Roscoe's
2.War Games
3.Gift Wrap
5.Silly Girl
6.The Lick
7.Molemen And MURS Gets Mean
8.Yesterday & Today
9.Lookin' Fly - feat.
10.The Pain Is Gone
11.Bad Man (PG-13 version)
12.Hustle (remix)
13.That's on Me (A Tribute to 45 Acp - RIP)
14.Ay Caramba
15.I Used To Luv Her (Again)
16.West Coast Cinderella

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