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Mainu Chadh Ke Kali

Menu Chad Ke Kalli Nu
Menu chad ke kalli nu tur chaleya (2x1 te mere palle ki rah gaya
Leaving me all alone You have left. So what remains with me?
Phoola nalo kuleya bahara nalo pyareya, (2x1
Aaja ik vari mere dil de sahareya (2x1
Aavi mere dukhde hatan valeya, (2x1 Gal sun javi mahi jaan valeya. . . .
Menu chad ke . . .
You are softer than the flowers, more adorable than the spring.
Come at least once, 0 support of my heart.
Come, 0 the one who removes my pains. Listen to me 0 my departing one.
Das menu kine tenu kita majboor ve, (2x1
Kedi galo pyareya ve chala metho dur ve Hoke apna te gera sang ralleya Te mere palle ki rah gaya . . .
Menu chad ke . . .
Tell me who has forced You to leave. Why have You gone so far away from me?
You were my very own and now when You have joined the strangers,
What is left with me?
Mukh chan jeha mere vallo mod ke, Menu gama de chanah vich rod ke (2x1
Das jindagi gujara kive kalleya (2x1 Te mere palle ki rah gaya . . .
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Menu chad ke . . .
Turning away from me like the face of the moon
You have thrown me into the ocean of sufferings.
Tell me, how do I live my life alone - without You?
Tere raha vich rah ban gayee aa, (2x1 Muk jaan vala sah ban gayee aa (2x1
Ki labheya bana ke menu jhalleya (2x1 Te mere palle ki rah gaya . . .
Menu chad ke . . .
While waiting at the road for You, I have become dead like the road.
I have become like the breath which will end soon.
What did you gain from making me crazy?
Menu pyar de chobare te chada ke, (2x1 Paudi khich lai tu ankhiya mila ke (2x1
Jado yaad teri ondi din dhaleya (2x1 Te mere palle ki rah gaya . . .
Menu chad ke . . .
After making me climb the roof of Love, You have removed the ladder of Love by
exchanging the glances.
When I remember You, (it feels like) my end has come.

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