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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Aaj Koi Baat Ho Gayee

aaj ko'ii baat ho gayii
vo na aaye raat ho gayii

Something must have happened today
my beloved did not come and it is night now.

jab vo mere saath ho gaye
dunyaa mere saath ho gayii

When she came along with me
the entire world came along.

jab vo milne aaye raat ko
merii chaand-raat ho gayii

When she came to meet me in the night
the night became the night of new moon (the implication being the first night of the festival of Eid).

mujh se barham aap kyaa hu'e
sari qaynaat ho gayii

When you became upset with me
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the whole world became upset.

ae dil-e-tabaah Gham ye hai
rusvaa unkii zaat ho gayii

O my ruined heart! the pain is
that her person suffered ignominy.

mar gaye mariiz-e-shaam-e-Gham
dard se nijaat ho gayii

The sufferers of the evenings of pain have died
and relieved of their sufferings.

purnam aa gaye vo mere ghar
mutmaiin hayaat ho gayii

Misty-eyed, she came to my house
and my life became easy.

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