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Shabazz Palaces

Self-Made Follownaire

We was coming from the shadowy regions
A slight light with the well-born pride
The threshold of immediate consequences
Revealing tonight was the night
I knew who I was when I was seven
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No reverence for the reverend
All this pomp and circumstance
The fakeness is ridiculous, the pump will make them dance
Styling with your new girl
Fishwrap and champagne
Blacks clad in all white
Backstage on front street
Well-known nobodies
A murder mouth with no bodies
Self-loathing narcissist
Body-sized icons
Cashed in a boss light
Soldiers of fortune
Spawned in the future
Self-made selfie stars
Less he grows to nothing
Abolishing tomorrow (Dynamite)
On the wrong side of pimp bitch
Styleless stylists
Bloodless heart groans
Deep fired deep bliss
Heel hell holy hunks
Soulless soul singer
Mindless, dreamless
Every field success stories
Star in thrillers not by boredom
Two thumb tap tricks
Make it rain on a scorched phone
Ku Klux slave hags
Kneel to the plastic gods
Collateral damaged hearts
Killed by a drunk drum
On a sweet deal, sic' em

Speeding down the long way
Pillow talk undergivers
Selfie stick samurais
Self-made follownaires
So how much he gonna carry
Every move's a masturbate
Watch the D boys diva out
Trapped in a free market

These are the times
Waking the world
Was the best days of our lives

Illuminati thoughts trying to scratch my mind's cream
This the type of glitch happens just our times
All the feds request for my audience
'Cause I'm at the behest of my master's voice
Rhythm, groove, melody, crescendo, loop
This is [?]for air by an ancient truce
[?]feel the clip, can you snatch me up?
Holy water sips out the plastic cups
Rubies in my mind is a bright motif
Lighting up in lime Paradise Sportif
Everything I spoke serve to crack they code
So bury me alive back in [?]