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30 Clip Extension

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Stealing all our lighters (Ghostwriters)
Collecting our one nighters (Ghostwriters)
Floating by the ciphers (Ghostwriters)
The paperwork is tied up (Ghostwriters)
Haunting all the people (Ghostwriters)
Altered by an ego (Ghostwriters)
Living in the peephole (Ghostwriters)
I figured you come tighter, you're a (Ghostwriters)
Hiding just to spite us (Ghostwriters)
We love you man, keep lying

From out the white cipher
Poured the green liquid
Ringed in gold sheets of denim
The heart pumped a green fluid
That oozed malnutrients into a pink brain, set to cruise
Absent-mindedly swiping vistas with nothing to lose
But some cheap booze, a few chicks, mostly dudes
I wasn't even in the mood plus the feeling was rude
Put the car set to cruise and turned on some grooves
Lo and behold look who it is
Your favorite rapper

His jaws clinched in a xanax glow (Your favorite rapper)
His heart is scrolling to and fro (Your favorite rapper)
He's focused on the blurry blur (Your favorite rapper)
He's feeling numb, dressed dapper dumb (Your favorite rapper)
He's fashioned by some unseen hand (Your favorite rapper)
He's begat by some secret plans (Your favorite rapper)
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Preyed on by his adorning fans (Your favorite rapper)
Wheezing through his adornments, man (Your favorite rapper)
A mansion mazing with implausible adjoinments (Your favorite rapper)
He's flossing in a peripheral sanity (Your favorite rapper)
He's a chauvinist with feminine vanities (Your favorite rapper)
He's puffing out his tattoed chest
Man, look at your favorite rapper
He's towering his arrogance
Man, look at your favorite rapper
Monetizing intelligence (Your favorite rapper)
All while narrowing our elegance (Your favorite rapper)
Parodying our sufferance (Your favorite rapper)
All for a pittance, like a penance, some bitch shit
So that's your favorite rapper and he's the best?

You can't say that to me
I don't play that, i'm free
My thumbs think for themselves (Woo, ahh)
You can't say that to me
I don't play that, i'm G
My thumbs think for themselves (2017)
Motion sensors
Drone vendors

I am floating towards (no splendors)
There are too many (rich pretenders)
Signing my life on (high cost lenders)
Pushing my pulse up (gender benders)
Stolen by armies (defenders)
Your feast has ended (aggressors)
No pigs in paradise (transgressions)
Paper tigers stretch out (credit cards)