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Sammy Davis Jr.( Samuel George Davis Jr. )

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Sammy Davis Jr.( Samuel George Davis Jr. )

Stand Up and Fight

Thanks a lot!
I't sure is nice to be,
To be where I can see
So many friends o' mine.
How've I been doin'?
How've I been doin'?
If you really want to know de truth,
I'm doing fine!
Decisions in a row,
And only five on points;
De rest were all K.O.
Jackson an' Johnson,
Murphy an' Bronson,
One by one dey come,
And one by one to dreamland they go.
How's it done?
You ask me, how's it done?
I got a trainer man
What taught me all I know.
It Sure feels good to have him in my corner,
To hear his voice so soft it low...
Remember, Big boy,
You must remember

'Stan' up an' fight until you hear de bell,
Stan' toe to toe,
Trade blow fer blow, and
Keep punching till you make yer punches tell, and
Show that crowd watcher know!
Until you hear that bell,
that final bell,
Stan' up an' fight like hell!'

When you fight
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Out in de open air, out
In a patch of light
De ring looks small and white.
Out in de blackness,
Out in de blackness,
You can feel a hunderd thousand eyes
Fill in the night.
are blinking in de dark,
and making little spark's
around the baseball park,
People are quiet
Then there's a riot!
Someone throws a punch
an than it's smack right on de mark
someone's hurt,
you kinda think it's you,
you hang across the ropes
Da's all you want to do.
Then you look around and see you
Trainer's Eyes, he's begging you to see it through,
they say, remember,
Big Boy, remember

'Stan' up an' fight until you hear the bell,
Stan' toe to toe,
Trade blow for blow, and
Keep punchin' till you make yer punches tell, and
Show dat crowd what you know!
Until you hear dat bell,
Dat final bell,
Stan, up an' fight like hell.!'

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