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Constellation and Mysticism

In the infinity of the Universe
Constellations are observed by a proud man
His whole life dedicated to astronomy and the occult
The invisible art of the unknown

In this tower of the mountain highest peaks
Alone with the stars and the forest so dark
He found the secret of divinity
The source of creation and eternity

Impossible as it may seems
The ultimate truth is now
Part of human knowledge
All in the mind of one man
Must the burden be relieved by telling humanity
Perhaps the beginning of a new era
Of truth and light where higher beings
Are cast down to control anymore
On this plane of existence

Would it engulf them in perpetual madness?
Trapped between two reality
Wich were not meant to meet
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Colliding with greater powers

He needs no more proves
The theory is sure reality
He started to laugh... and laugh...
Oblivious to insanity creeping toward him

Suddenly fighting for his very soul
He realizes, too late, his mistake
'Thou shall not cross the line...'
'Thou shall respect the divine...'

Now grasping the value of what he held
The man knew, then, that the knowledge, should not die with him
Fury in his eyes, he reached into the unseen
For the powers he once swore not to use

Facing his nemesis for one last time with magyk at his side
He drew forth the energy of the stars, not to shine again
A final burst, majestic end, no more knowledge to fear
Leaving as witness only a black sky devoid of stars...