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Unfed Pendulum

Hazy...need some nourishment...
Feed me some delectable time
Feed me tasty impulsions
Gear-wheels all shouting in unison:FEED ME !!!!

Destabilization of the gapless mechanism: C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E
You must be aware that I drag the past, grab your map and reign supreme
I swing the currents...Hypnotize...
Carry on...carry on...
Don't ignore me...

Hull is breached
This inner sanctum is being bleached
The unfed pendulum is starved

It was in Limbo...doing the eternal Mambo
...and I screamed...and I screamed...and I screamed for lunch
Not a Tick, not a Tock, not a Tick-Tock snack to be found
( Where was the Cuckoo ??? )

El takidnys sed selliugia
El takidnys sed selliugia eralced (enu everg)
Numbers on strike

Hull is breached
This inner sanctum is being bleached
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The unfed pendulum is starved

Mathematical cartilage of the eternal spin
Too busy to care
The engine disintegrates and disrupt the circular ritual
Devour life, feed the clock ( ME!!), dance with a dead corpse
and don't forget to remove your boots ( politeness !! )
This biological network filed an official complaint
at the 'Mental Misconduct' Department on floor 404
__File not found__

Hecatomb of a wavering signal...
Slipping between the keys, being nothing more than a presence on hiatus...
...waiting for some inputs...vacuumed by life...
...but my life is safe...

Emptiness took my hand to ease me
Imagine stillness, but even slower
Immaterial massage, pizzicato of the cortex
Motions vibrating between inaccurate time spheres

I move on the bomb of my memories
Squeeze the motives tormenting this surface

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