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Nigga I'm from BPT
West Side, West Side
TTP, what block, what block
400, Spruce Street
What y'all doin'?
Nigga kill off all beef

[Verse 1:]
I'm a Westside get brackin' in the back like what's happnin'
That 40 Glock snap like Insta, ain't no need for a caption
I got put on by four niggas, wasn't need for no bandage
I did my stuff like a young nigga, that's how I'm s'posed to handle it
'Hamad threw a right, duck, hit him with the left, bop-bop!
Two to the chin, bop! One to the chest
One to the ribs, the haymaker didn't connect
Dropped him but didn't stomp him cause that's disrespect, woo!
That's how I got put on
Tree Top Bompton, yeah I got put on
It was hard in the hood
I was rappin', my homies sellin' hard in the hood
I know Game from cedar block, Dom from the West
[?]and Pac [?]
Just got a call, the homies just got bust on
Niggas gotta go, we can't hold on


[Verse 2:]
I was in the county with lions, most of these rappers be lyin'
Cause when I seen 'em, they be quiet, the definition of silence
That's a principal of proof, the definition of logic
That this nigga is bitch, every chance he get he's dodgin'
I brought back this West Coast shit
And this the mothafuckin' thanks I get?
All the licks I split, from the houses I hit
They brought him more cases in jail but a nigga ain't snitch
That's how it's s'posed to go down
Held it down, didn't nobody else go down
Give you a blind date, have my bitch pick you up
Then have one of my Top members stick you up
I know Nipsey from 60, C-Hood from 10-4
Tiny Bone from 40 Crip, that's my kinfolk
My whole family tried to save me but it didn't work
Momma know I've been bangin' lately, nigga