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When I Was Gone

When I was gone
I heard you was fuckin' on whoever
Love you again? I can never
When I was gone
You tried to take a advantage of a nigga
Had me pull a hammer on a nigga. (on a nigga)
Thass' why you don't love these hoes
Thass' why you don't love these hoes
Thass' why you don't love these hoes
Thass' why you don't love these hoes

[Verse 1: YG]
I jail wit' all niggas
You was waiting to exhale fucking wit all niggas
My momma said I should accept yo apology
But fuck that, that's just reverse psychology
I dont love you no more, and I think you a ho
You let a nigga go too long, without no sto
For all my niggas doing time, I know how it get
Yo homies disappear, and yo bitch turn into a flip

[Verse 2: RJ]
Once upon a time, I thought I found love but then she played me...
I was gone..came back now my baby, having a baby...
I know you was cheatin', I was outta town eatin'
But real players we don't get mad, we get EVEN
But this is why I lost feelins', cause if these hoes ain't fully flippin, then they cartwheeling


[Verse 3: Tee Cee]
She got a nigga in here, dumb hot (dumb hot)
Tell a bitch, hurry up its in that green dot
Left a nigga in the dirt, now she like 7-Eleven giving free slurps
I bought a celly from my cellmate, she dont even text a nigga no kind of sex-play
Fuck that bitch, imma have the lil home girls rush that bitch

[Verse 4: Charlie Hood]
I say my bail too high, my hopes too low
My case too slow, Violation from my P.O
I just got out I shoulda just stayed on the couch, 3-way now my ho tryna cuss me out
And my lawyer say the witness coming to trial, on top of that I heard my main bitch fuckin' around
Im bangin' and shit, my lady prolly sellin' her clit, no money on my books
A nigga taking L'S wit this bitch!

[Hook: YG]

[Verse 5: Reem Riches]
If I put my trust in a bitch, I'll always be hurt
Shoulda known you wasn't shit from that fake louie purse
You broke, dumb and goofy
Really tried to boof me, you gone end up like ya mama a old ratchet hoochie
You couldn't stay down if you was nailed to the floor, three baby daddy's I ain't tryna be fo' (uh-uh)
Thass why I got no love these hoes, sucka duckin', you be suckin all the bros...

[Verse 6: Slim 400]
When I was gone, I heard you was fuckin on budda, hoein in the hood gettin gudda
When I was gone, heard you was hangin on the block...BITCH I dont like you on da block
When I ain't home, you be doing hella ho shit
Thinkin I ain't heard up in this bitch?
Run my door, or imma pull a blade on you BITCH
Pen it til she blast on you BITCH
And I ain't wrong...
My telly went big on the sto and you ain't even yo phone
And now a nigga on, lost all respect for you bitch
You can burn, I ain't gonna spit on you bitch

[Outro: YG]
When I was gone...