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KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )

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KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )

Look Up in da Stars

Kid Cudi feat. Wale

Oooooo oh yea

I've got so much to say
I know I've came so far
You understand my swag
Then you should look up in the stars,

The stars (3x)

uh, uh
Any given day nigga
Yeah Yeah
Uh uh uh uh uh)

No big names
No big chains
Just Plain Pat visuals
Wit sum sick aim
Cool beans though
10 deep jeans ho,
Stampede Fitted
In the Range wit a knitted

No gimmick
Real time, Real heart
Real words
A piece of art
No famous name
Vouching I'm still the shit
Nigga first couple songs
No guest appearances
Now you sick mane
I ain't takin stabs
Im just taking names
Then I'm kickin' ass

I'll never be retro like a cool kid
With only two songs
Look at what I did
Me and my nigga Wale let them suckas pass
Till we fed up and wed up,
When niggas keep they swag
To the heart
Ruin niggas hopes of success
After Lebron, I'm what's next

I've got so much to say
I know I've came so far
You understand my swag
Then you should look up in the stars

The stars (3x)

Look up at da stars
Look up at da stars
Look up at da stars
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Now I'm back on my brizzle
A pathera of strippers
I'm throwin around broads
Playing monkey in the middle
I'm curious Jorge
Fuck what dem whores say
Most of them is faker
Than the horse hair
They forced in
I be in the club
Looking for a couple more of dem
Sorta like my first date
Fresher by the hullin'
I don't need your girl
Man i got a lot
They say he got a lot of whips
Well I got A LOT

Big Lou:

You can't unwind it
Rising and climbing
Ain't nobody brighter...

Next Lou Da Narcissus
The mirrors get excited
The game is a store
Then miracle what I am
Maryland where I am
You niggas is behind us
Lyrically inclined
There is not a list to find 'em
Lyrically inclined and
Who so ever hate
Mother shower him in violet

I got so much to say
I know I came so far
You understand my swag
Then you should look up in the stars,

The stars (3x)

Look up at da stars
Look up at da stars
Look up at da stars

They been askin' for me!

Kid Cudi!
Ki ki ki ki Kid Cudi!

KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )
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