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KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )

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KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )

Did You Get It

First name scott
last name mescudi
I will say it now so you all can say it properly
even for awhile lotta people stayed mocking me
then I went g.o.o.d. cause of ye now they jocking me
I have the same sound
same old fire
same lion heart
and I stayed smoking sour
Every single minute now
gotta say an hour
I feel i am cross of john lennon and my father
I remember when I finally left cleveland
being cool, it wasn't the only reason
my heart had urges, the feelings
something special you could feel up in the evening
when the moons full and the drink is poured
and most of the real pretty girls are whores
now I gotta say get the fuck outta here
I don't know you
No, you can't chill in here

na na na na
yeah yeah yeah
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it, get it
na na na na
whoa. na na
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it, get it

my last name mescudi
first name scott
I was the kid you knew who liked to joke and clown a lot
but when I went home school work to the side
imma go and study how to finish up these rhymes
*maybe hit a kidney and my family hit the grind*
before I feel I'll never ever find my own mind
loosin my pops really fucked me up
at the time in my mind I thought my luck was up
its mostly cause I never got to show what I dream
I guess its cause I never had the time to let it show
but now I got an op im bout to give to the public
I know he lookin down
I know he gotta love it
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ohio got a spokesman
they wanna know if I really smoke
come on fam
are you lookin at these black lips?
All the time im flatlined stoned bitch

na na na na
yea yea yea
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it, get it
na na na na
whoa. na na
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it (Yea), get it

Im scott mescudi
never let the sucker motha fuckers get the best of me
goin back to Cleveland, dap and pound her is *my favoritly
Stand up nigga
when people hate on Cleveland I stand up nigga
WOW in my A.P.C.
Ay Ay get the best plain tees
when I head to the grammys I might dress tacky
cause all the people care about is what im wearing
*in the bag it should be about the sweet fuckin album
lets talk about the fact you want a sweet fuckin album*
some talk shit makin videos and jokin
now your all fans of my shaft think I stroke em
I told you, I was not playin
from here on believe the words that im sayin
but know I won't lead you astray
just take heed to the words that I say

na na na na
yea yea yea
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it, get it
na na na na
whoa. na na
do you, do you, do you
Do you get it, get it

KiD CuDi( Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi )
Miscellaneous 1
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