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Rick Ross( William Leonard Roberts II )

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Rick Ross( William Leonard Roberts II )

Keep Doin' That (Rich Bitch) [feat. R. Kelly]

[Intro:Rick Ross]
This is for my rich bitches
Her puppy named Panamera
Her puppy named Panamera
She got a condo in the area
Rich bitch
Uh, yeah

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
She stay at her friend's and all these bitches is bad
Watch them lick on each other, I'm talkin' pussy to ass
Dope boy still at large, trackin' device on her car
Tattoos on her arm, Double M diamond charms
Chanel bag on her hip, Hermès bracelets and things
Let her fuck Meek Mill, told her keep chasin' her dreams
Get the Lexus to flip, purple Texas to sip
She make it rain like a nigga, we got more money to get
Rich bitch, call her rich bitch
Cause she fuck with dope boys and can suck a good dick

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Yeah, I'm a spend up all this money
Girl, you doin' somethin' to me
Hell yeah, keep doin' that
Doin' that, keep doin' that, doin' that, keep doin' that
Doin' that, keep doin' that, doin' that

[Verse 2: R. Kelly]
I be feastin' on Tinder, she take just like peaches
Diamond-studded La Perla, that pussy's prestigious
Yeah, she remind me of somethin' but that shit ain't my Jeep
Matchin' Bugattis, Versace sheets when we freak
She be movin' that dough, quarter mil on her wrist
Why you niggas be slippin'? This bitch is fuckin' your bitch
Saks fifth pop tags, neiman I pop tags
Crocodile, python, that's a zoo on her bag
She on the phone makin' deals, we gettin' them checks
My Penelope Cruz, I let her meet my connects
I fuck her all on the marble, yeah, that girl is a freak
She like comin' in mornin', she's the female me


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Room service for weeks, a dozel towel on the beach
She only wear panties once, then pass it down to her niece
Let's go shoppin' at Boca, sixty stuffed in the sofa
Can't be tweetin' locations, she postin' pics from her yoga
Never party with locals, niggas with them was moguls
VIP with dope boys, the DJ shout out to Sosa
Valet park in the Wraith, cocaine all on her face
Her Rolex icy as mine, throw up my gang sign
We goin' bottle for bottle, Belaire Rose to the Brut
Rich bitch is her name and she Chanel to the boot
Uh, I be droppin' so much, nigga
My bitch shoppin' so much, nigga


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