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Rick Ross( William Leonard Roberts II )

Shot Caller

shawty got potential i could be her sponsor
met her backstage at a summer jam concert
hair like rihanna, shoe game was awesome
could tell by her aura she want a shot caller
wanna be with a baller shot caller
could tell by her aura she want a shot caller
wanna be with a baller, shot caller
could tell by her aura she want a shot caller

dip-dip dippin' in the phantom, thought they seen a ghost
try live life baby gon make a toast
all white drop head just me and flocka
my new deal sweeter then peach ciroc
i took over the streets didn't miss a block
did it for ny baby shoutout big and pac
can i hit it in the condo, can i hit it in the morning like alonso
shawty got potential, knew i had to stamp her
ass like nicki hair like amber (coke boy baby)
coke boy till they bury me
r.i.p the homie heavy d

dippin' in the 'gatti, billboards in tokyo
worth about a billion and still run the city
what you really thought i wasn't comin through
i invented ballin, the shot callin'
ciroc boy, top 10 hitter
like she came with the car, left the lot wit' her
can i hit it on the jet, racks flying?, autograph signin'
shawty kinda flashy i could be her sponsor
hair like cassie shoe game is awesome
we on that ciroc, redberry with the red bottom
ny we the headline, bitch imma baller !

put the coupe on a pair of chuck tailors (ughh)
bought the block, no love for the neighbors
top down praying to my lord an' savior
we on the floor, pacquaio the worlds greatest
boxin' niggas all i ever did was bob and weave
now the crib 8 mill that's on everything
give me props and keep it real ya man hatin'
not the crib she couldnt get past the landscapin'
cranberry ? i had 'em hand made
double m genius, even the band playing,
scarface 500inch flatscreen
stack cream now the maybach net green

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Rick Ross( William Leonard Roberts II )
Miscellaneous 1
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