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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts

*Spanish speaking soldiers*

'They have different videos that's caused by these Cosmonauts'

'And so, if you take all these together
Dimension of the Earth in nautical miles
21,600 and you divided by 33; you'll get...'

+Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts+
These are the Secrets of the Cosmonauts
I know I rhyme a lot
This is the most important rhyme I ever said in my life
Stop the hatred, and stop being racist
I believe the Cosmonauts will come down and save us

(We share the song) This is a song, written by God
(Especially for you) Especially for you, this is the truth
(There's a story) A story of humankind's glory
(Of what people do for you) I'm tellin' you the Cosmonauts love you

Twenty-one thousand six-hundred nautical miles
I've got the same amount, if not more audible styles
By no means am I to interpret the absolute
I'm merely a vessel that the entity chooses to use
I'm raw energy, just like you
I don't teach 'cause Teachers only receive contempt from the youth
I know what I know, there's no need to convince you
The poetry's fairly simple, you perceive the visual
The grass isn't greener, it's browner
I believe in the power that spins the Earth around upward and outward
You say, 'You don't like the album', I say you a coward
You say you don't like the beats, I say what about them?
Whether or not you like the lyrics I would not be surprised
If you the devil in disguise I can see it in your eyes
We are all equal; we are all sisters and brothers
In spite of our colour, all we have is each other, they love us


Your sexual orientation is none of my business
But don't lie to yourself, and don't lie to the children
Some of us are healthy, some of us have diseases
But if you look at the whole world we represent the human species
You can't ignore continents while they starve
You'll be wearin' their shoes before long
As the Globe becomes more warm
Families hold on but their country is war-torn
The prophecies are forewarned
You would've thought Katrina storm taught y'all
But nah, you're still too distracted ain't y'all?
I've come to learn that the Cosmonauts up high
Don't believe that we deserve another chance and I'll tell you why
We watch either other die, and we're still racist
Not in my household, but in other places
The patience of the Gods have run thin
Because of your sin, the period of purification will begin


The procession will wash away
The world's sins with Tsunami's and Whirlwinds
Our world ends, but then it begins again
Six-thousand four-hundred eighty years later
The next civilization will dig our artifacts out of a crater
They will say that we were great but that they are greater
Humankind will continue to search for his creator
Wage war against the forces that try to enslave us
Send space probes to our celestial neighbours
We could stop the hatred; if we stop being racist
I believe the Cosmonauts will come down and save us
If humankind will accept all races
There's no reason that the Cosmonauts wouldn't save us
Love your neighbours; we're different, but God made us
Love all races, the Cosmonauts would love to save us
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.)
Wake up, stop the hatred, the Cosmonauts wanna save us


'Advance knowledge that people in general will never hear
Is passed on to the chosen ones that are chosen to have this..

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