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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Javelin Fangz

'For this reason to have this Key
They some how transmit into your brain a hard idea
Like, you are living wrong
You've broken our laws on this planet
This is the reason why
Very soon when the sky became dark
Thousands and thousands of people will die
And only a few them will stay alive'

Code-Name: Javelin Fangz - The Canibus Man
Nothin' to Prove, cold bustin' at you dudes
Yea, yo

You got your Weapon?: Check
You got your Ammo?: Check
You got the filthy slut pin-up calendar?: Yes
You got the food?: Check
You got the supplies?: Check
You got the Trees so we can get high? - I Quit

Your names Canibus - So what da Fuck that means
Can-I-Bus is the emcee not weed

Hand Radio?: Check
Map?: Check
You got the chem lights so we can get back?: Check
First Aid Kit?: Check
Grenades?: Check
I even got a spit box for those lonely days

I was on my way home, the ground opened up like a grave
Turned the highway into a tomb
It's crazy I grew up playin' with Tonka's
Mickey Thompson mud Swampers on a off-road monster
I took a detour started headin' east
Got stuck through a wench around a red wood tree
A 1000 feet above sea level
Still drivin' altitude climbin' the Tsunami's 1 hour behind me
Made my way to the Mojave, I robbed niggaz for they gasoline
Then headin' towards the Colorado Rockies
Desperado, El Diablo on your back yard property
Can't let the circumstance stop me
G.I. Joe, O.G., Desert E's, Desert fatigues
Dry weather gear for the desert breeze
140° degrees, I can barely breathe
Toast bread and fry eggs on the roof of my Jeep
Take my boots off I won't even look at my feet
They smell like I've been cookin' my feet
Look at me, I'ma mess I did it for my family & friends
When the time comes I do it again
Because this ain't the end, this is the beginnin'
A new way of life nigga how you gon' live it
Man Women and Child, livin' in a village
No more technology privilege
When disaster strikes put down the mic
You better pick up that weapon and pass it to the right
Laugh if you like but the time is near
There's no time to spare, formation over here


I observe purgatory from the solar observatory
The Sun stone was right, God have mercy on me
You ask what, I ask what next
Geo-magnetic effects came down to the deck
Radio, T.V. Satellite gone, nobody can make or take one call
LIGHTS OUT! All communications wiped-out
To late to call upon Jesus Christ now
Collect your weapon and ammo
You don't have weapons to protect your family? You're asshole
Guns are worth more then anythin' in a time like this
The price just went up the pricelist
You a Predator or Prey in the twilight mist?
You wanna pray; get on your knees die like a bitch
Your family got dragged off
Put to work as slaves in a hell pit because you were selfish
You bought cars, gold, diamonds
Should've bought somethin' that could equalize the violence
Face it your heart's full of hatred
'Cause you got stripped naked in front of your babies
Do somethin' to change it
Take it, take a day-off, take a trip to the shop
Get a laser sight scope, adjustable butt stock
Automatic burst, fuck a one shot if a nigga want static
I'ma give 'em what I got


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