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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

The Primary Axiom

It ain't no excuse, it's the trutAnnotateh
We never had a chance cause the enemy's not human
Bite off more than you could chew then
Good and bad opportunities, I've ruined them both
What you be about, Lord? 'Aiyo, I be about Tiaamat's law
Before the Great Wall was destroyed.'
Knowledge, wisdom, understandin'
Amnesia pre-plannin'
Native tribes slaughtered by cannons
Didn't wanna listen when I told you
Now you eating soy bean tofu, look what you go through
The faggot wants to be accepted, the Anti-Christ is erected
The whole world changes perspective
Khadafi had a golden gun
China got two hundred and fifty quadrillion golden tons
American confidence is waning, patriots complaining
Drones in the sky filmin' terrorist training
The white man's mad because the white man is selling out the white man
Now you KNOW shit is bad
The Asian man got computers that don't subtract, they just add up
While the Arab man'll still pull the dagger
The rednecks from Santa Ana reach for they hammer
Blam, Blam, Blamma look straight into the camera
Jenny Lake, Wyoming camping, the stars are dancing
Starlight skies, Dreadnaught's commander
Homo Cobra Capensis, long pincher's
Like a Mantis, early Appalachia Atlantis
Baalbek, broad shoulders, throw boulders to the four corners
When I'm around they start talkin'
Knuckle-draggin' monkey, think he know somethin'?
You don't know nothin'! The Ironman suit was on Tussin!
The nation sinks into a cesspool of sinflation
Automated Jamaican simulations, I'm stimulated
Eviscerated, well-shaven, when he's dead cremate him
Make sure you say his rhymes verbatim
I'mma put you in rehab, punch you i your fuckin' bean bag
And go have myself a nice steam bah
You don't want the wrath of black Charlie McGrath
I sprinkled glass on the grass before they raided my pad
Pull up the customer case while I fuck your face
Negotiate, how much does your 10.99 make?
Yeah I like joggin' in place, Martin Luther's speech everyday
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Cause I had to have a dream anyway
Camelbak break, ice cold water on a dry lake
Not bad for a primitive primate, huh?
Dark project research manager, Canibus
In the '90s I created a neuro-sampler
Nano-nuclear waves, non-particle
You the NCO in charge of this group? Lemme talk to you
Rap this, rap that. C'mon Canibus just rap
The whole world happy Canibus back
1000 bars plus tax, I know you love that, you little muskrats
Doin' jumpin' jacks on the tracks
Be quiet! Something is watching us, influencing our consciousness
Falsely encouraging us, stopping us!
They can't live without you, 'Bus
They said we need more time. I quietly replied 'Time is up.'
I've rhymed enough, uncoiled B-Fields
T1, 2 & 3, the Beast from the East will not yield!
The time war samurai sword, pantomime record
Minds like mines not minds like yours
If language is a virus, Germaine is timeless
Simply put, Germaine is a syllable scientist
In comparison, I pale to creatures with scales, claws and tails
Laser weapons hangin' off of they belts
With the wings and the eyes of an eagle
No matter the distance, they see you
Put your hands where they can see you
Read your thoughts like the NSA
Paralegal power to the people
I wish I had the power to defeat you
The Hebrew has no equal, technology he has the keys to
With breakaway speeds to leave you
The pyscho psychic hypersensitive Sifu
Since the veil's too thick for human beings to see through
They don't need to let you know they don't need you
All you need to know is that they came from Nibiru
Nimrod wants his gold and he's coming to get it
And that's why he's worshiped by the ones that collect it
I can motion vector long enough to hold that sector
I'm the protector, Hip Hop's alpha-successor
Kick yo ass all over the battlefield, IT WAS MY PLEASURE
And we can do it again, WHENEVER

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