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Canibus( Germaine Williams )

Pay Mein Gold

Finance yo' finAnnotatee ass, they cherry pick off the street
They own everything that we eat, they control everything that we see
It trickles down to the beats from the temple on high with the priest
Where they sacrifice blood to the beast with javelin teeth
Mother Mary Magdalene said a prayer with a tweet
It's only weeks away, it's called modern day D-day
'I don't know shit,' that's what the Chief say
The Devil told me Jesus died for nothing
The evidence he showed me: it's all a corruption
Corruption everywhere, let's be clear: The End IS Near
The Devil desires to tempt your ear
The Book of Life has no names, just shackle and chains
Day traders reading Elliott waves
Dark entities, deep enclaves, houses sheep and slaves
The maze of malnutrition and malaise
HAARP, one trillion watt warp
Split a Wal-Mart in half like the Red Sea to see what you bought
Oregano oil, one quart for immune support
Ban Ki-moon, Blood Moon source doom and default
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Go for it, one decimal point away from rolling a joint
I bought an IPO Cannabit coin
Yeah, the dye is cast, currencies dive and crash
One world government, at last
An octopus with infinite arms says, 'There is no God
The little g will be a big G later on.'
A delicate balance, the challenge is dividing his talents
While maintaining a colorful palate
You struggle to overstand the true history of man
But the pursuit of such knowledge is banned
Google Glass hardwired to the human glands
Used to take two to dance, now it's just artificial intelligence
Glass–Steagall shattered from the wall to the ground
The nobility announce, 'They are forced to bow!'
They won't get to reintroduce the Bradbury Pound
Cause the red Chinese probably snatched up every ounce

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