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Dream Theater

Burning My Soul (demo Version)

[studio demo from 1997, recorded during the making of the album ]
[falling into infinity. available on the fasten your seatbelts ]
[live bootleg. a live version is also available on the japanese ]
[hollow years cd single. ]
- mike portnoy
[the screamed repeats of the phrase 'burning my soul' are done by ]
[mike portnoy. the whispered phrase 'soul' is done by ??? ]

I awoke from a dream today
Man it seemed so real
Close my eyes and try to drift away
But memories keep haunting me

A thorn in my side, a chip on my shoulder
A lump in my throat, the size of a boulder
The chill up my spine, can't get any colder
And you wonder why i can't smile

A knot in my gut, an ape on my back
In the heat of the moment
I'm knocked off the track
You drop the ball, i pick up the slack
And you ask me why my hair's gray

I say it's green and then you tell me it's red
Keep your thoughts and ideas
Locked inside of your head
We've got someone
Who can think for you instead
And he sounds just like the last one

Twisting, turning
Losing all sense of yearning
Living and learning
The pressure keeps on burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul

Responsible thinkers
Throw caution to the wind
But i find myself
Speaking from within
I can't live my life
Walking on eggshells
To stay on your good side

Using your words
Controlling my life
Can't you see it's my words
That gives you your life
So i hurt your feelings
Well i'm really sorry
But i don't give a shit, no...

Twisting, turning
Losing all sense of yearning
Living and learning
The pressure keeps on burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my [instrumental section at this ]
[point would later become hell's ]
[kitchen on falling into infinity.]
Twisting, turning
Losing all sense of yearning
Living and learning
The pressure keeps on burning my soul
(burning my soul)
Burning my soul [repeat this block 6 times.]
(burning my soul) [

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