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Dream Theater【 34 albums 429 lyrics 】
Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band formed in 1985 under the name Majesty by John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy while they attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. They subsequently dropped out of their studies to concentrate further on the band that would ultimately become Dream Theater. Though a number of lineup changes followed, the three original members remained together along with James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess until September 8, 2010, when Portnoy left the band. In October 2010, the band held auditions for a drummer to replace Portnoy. Mike Mangini was announced as the new permanent drummer on April 29, 2011.

The band is well known for the technical proficiency of its instrumentalists, who have won many awards from music instruction magazines. Guitarist John Petrucci has been named as the third player on the G3 tour six times, more than any invited players. In 2009 he was named the No. 2 best metal guitarist by Joel McIver in his book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists. He was also named as one of the 'Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time' by GuitarOne magazine. Jordan Rudess is considered to be one of the greatest keyboard players of all time by many publications like MusicRadar. Former drummer Mike Portnoy has won 26 awards from Modern Drummer magazine and is also the second youngest person (at the age of 37) to be inducted into the Rock Drummer Hall of Fame. His replacement Mike Mangini has also previously set 5 WFD records. John Myung was voted the greatest bassist of all time in a poll conducted by MusicRadar in August through September 2010. The band was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

The band's highest-selling album is the gold-selling Images and Words (1992), which reached No. 61 on the Billboard 200 chart. Both the 1994 release Awake and their 2002 release Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence also entered the charts at No. 32 and No. 46 respectively and received mostly positive reviews. Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory was ranked number 95 on the October 2006 issue of Guitar World magazine's list of The greatest 100 guitar albums of all time. It is ranked as the 15th Greatest Concept Album (as of March 2003) by Classic Rock Magazine.

The band's eleventh studio album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, was released on September 13, 2011. On November 30, 2011, the album's lead single, 'On the Backs of Angels', was nominated for a Grammy Award in the 'Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance' category, marking the band's first ever Grammy nomination. Dream Theater's self-titled twelfth studio album was released on September 23, 2013 and earned their second Grammy Award nomination, this time for 'Best Metal Performance', for the album's first single, 'The Enemy Inside'.

On April 9, 2013, Images and Words won Loudwire's fan voted March Metal Madness for world's best metal album beating albums by Dio, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Megadeth and Metallica. As of 2011, Dream Theater has sold over 8 million records worldwide.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
The Astonishing 2016
1.Descent of the Nomacs (Provided)
2.Dystopian Overture (Provided)
3.The Gift of Music
4.The Answer
5.A Better Life
6.Lord Nafaryus
7.A Savior In the Square
8.When Your Time Has Come
9.Act of Faythe
10.Three Days
11.The Hovering Sojourn (Provided)
12.Brother, Can You Hear Me?
13.A Life Left Behind
16.A Tempting Offer
17.Digital Discord (Provided)
18.The X Aspect
19.A New Beginning
20.The Road to Revolution
21.2285 Entr'acte (Provided)
22.Moment of Betrayal
23.Heaven's Cove
24.Begin Again
25.The Path That Divides
26.Machine Chatter (Provided)
27.The Walking Shadow
28.My Last Farewell
29.Losing Faythe
30.Whispers On the Wind
31.Hymn of a Thousand Voices
32.Our New World
33.Power Down (Provided)
The Studio Albums 1992-2011 2014
1.Pull Me Under
2.Another Day
3.Take The Time
5.Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
6.Under A Glass Moon
7.Wait For Sleep
8.Learning To Live
9.6: 00
10.Caught in a Web
11.Innocence Faded
12.Erotomania (Provided)
14.The Silent Man
15.The Mirror
17.Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
19.Space - Dye Vest
20.New Millennium
Dream Theater 2013
1.False Awakening Suite (Provided)
2.The Enemy Inside
3.The Looking Glass
4.Enigma Machine (Provided)
5.The Bigger Picture
6.Behind the Veil
7.Surrender to Reason
8.Along for the Ride
9.Illumination Theory
A Dramatic Turn Of Events 2011
1.On The Backs Of Angels
2.Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3.Lost Not Forgotten
4.This Is The Life
5.The Shaman's Trance
7.Far From Heaven
8.Breaking All Illusions
9.Beneath The Surface
10.Bridges In The Sky
Black Clouds & Silver Linings 2009-06
1.A Nightmare To Remember
2.A Rite Of Passage
4.The Shattered Fortress
5.The Best of Times
6.The Count of Tuscany
Systematic Chaos 2007-06
1.In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1
3.Constant Motion
4.The Dark Eternal Night
6.Prophets of War
7.The Ministry of Lost Souls
8.In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2
Octavarium 2005-06
1.The Root Of All Evil
2.The Answer Lies Within
3.These Walls
4.I Walk Beside You
5.Panic Attack
6.Never Enough
7.Sacrificed Sons
Train Of Throught 2003-11
1.As I Am
2.This Dying Soul
3.Endless Sacrifice
4.Honor Thy Father
6.Stream Of Consciousness (Provided)
7.In The Name Of God
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence 2002-03
1.The Glass Prison
2.Blind Faith
4.The Great Debate
6.Degree 6: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Scenes From A Memory 2000-05
2.Overture 1928 (Provided)
3.Strange Deja-Vu
4.Through My Words
5.Fatal Tragedy
6.Beyond This Life
7.Through Her Eyes
9.The Dance of Eternity (Provided)
10.One Last Time
11.The Spirit Carries On
12.Finally Free
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory 1999
1.Beyond This Life
2.Fatal Tragedy
3.Finally Free
5.One Last Time
6.Overture 1928 (Provided)
8.Strange Deja Vu
9.The Dance Of Eternity (Provided)
10.The Spirit Carries On
11.Through Her Eyes
12.Through My Words
Falling Into Infinity 1997-10
1.New Millenium
2.You Not Me
3.Peruvian Skies
4.Hollow Years
5.Burning My Soul
6.Hell's Kitchen (Provided)
7.Lines in the Sand
8.Take Away My Pain
9.Just Let Me Breathe
10.Anna Lee
11.Trial of Tears
A Change Of Seasons 1995
1.A Change of Seasons
2.Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
3.Perfect Strangers(Deep Purple)
4.The Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains The Same
5.The Big Medley
Awake 1994-11
2.Caught in an web
3.Innocense faded
4.Erotomania (Provided)
6.The silent man
7.The Mirror
9.Lifting Shadows off a dream
11.Space-dye Vest
Images And Words 1994-02
5.Metropolis-Part 1'The Miracle And The Sleeper'
When Dream And Day Unite 1989-01
1.A Fortune In Lies
2.Status Seeker
3.The Ytse Jam (Provided)
4.The Killing Hand
5.Light Fuse And Get Away
7.The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
8.Only A Matter Of Time
The Covers 2
1.Hallowed Be Thy Name (live)
2.Space-Dye Vest (acoustic version)
3.Tears (acoustic version)
4.Wait for Sleep (live acoustic version)
5.Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (live)
6.6:00 (live)
Summerfest, Milwaukee, June 29th, 1993 (Remastered, Live On Broadcasting)
1.Metropolis, Part 1 - Live
2.Status Seeker - Live
3.A Fortune In Lies - Live
Skyway of Nightmares
1.Fortune in Lies
2.Waiting for Sleep
3.Metropolis pt 1
4.Another Day
Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour
1.The Root of All Evil (Live)
2.The Spirit Carries On
4.The Answer Lies Within
5.I Walk Beside You
6.Metropolis (Live)
7.Octavarium (Live)
8.Sacrificed Sons (Live)
9.The Answer Lies Within (Live)
10.Vacant (Live)
11.Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Live)
12.The Spirit Carries On (Live)
13.Raise the Knife (Live)
14.Innocence Faded (Live)
15.Under a Glass Moon (Live)
16.Afterlife (Live)
17.Another Won (Live)
18.I Walk Beside You (Live)
19.Innocence Faded
Once In A LIVETime
Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory
1.Strange Deja Vu [Scene Two]
2.Finally Free [Scene Nine]
3.Home [Scene Six]
4.Through Her Eyes [Scene Five]
5.Through My Words [Scene Three]
6.Regression [Scene One]
7.One Last Time [Scene Seven]
8.Beyond This Life [Scene Four] [DVD Version]
9.Fatal Tragedy [Scene Three]
10.The Spirit Carries On [Scene Eight]
Majesty Demo
1.Another Won
2.A Vision
3.March Of The Tyrant
4.Two Far
5.Vital Star
6.Your Majesty
Live At Budokan
1.As I Am (Live)
2.Hollow Years
3.Only a Matter of Time
4.Endless Sacrifice
5.In the Name of God (Live)
6.Disappear (Live)
7.Solitary Shell (Live)
8.Goodnight Kiss (Live)
9.Only a Matter of Time (Live)
10.New Millennium (Live)
11.Trial of Tears (Live)
12.Instrumedley (Live)
13.Endless Sacrifice (Live)
14.The Test That Stumped Them All (Live)
15.War Inside My Head (Live)
16.Beyond This Life (Live)
17.This Dying Soul (Live)
18.As I Am
Live At Budokan (US Release)
1.As I Am - Live At Budokan
2.Pull Me Under - Live At Budokan
3.Disappear [Live At Budokan]
4.Solitary Shell - Live At Budokan
5.Goodnight Kiss - Live At Budokan
6.Only A Matter Of Time - Live At Budokan
7.New Millennium - Live At Budokan
8.Trial Of Tears - Live At Budokan
9.Endless Sacrifice - Live At Budokan
10.The Test That Stumped Them All - Live At Budokan
11.War Inside My Head - Live At Budokan
12.Hollow Years - Live At Budokan
13.Beyond This Life [Live At Budokan]
14.This Dying Soul - Live At Budokan
15.In The Name Of God - Live At Budokan
Images And Words, Summerfest Milwaukee, WI 29. June 93- Live (Remastered)
1.Metropolis, Part 1 (Remastered) - Live
2.Under A Glass Moon (Remastered) - Live
3.A Fortune In Lies (Remastered) - Live
4.Wait For Sleep / Surrounded (Remastered) - Live
5.Puppies On Acid / Take The Time (Remastered) - Live
6.Status Seeker (Remastered) - Live
7.Another Day (Remastered) - Live
8.Pull Me Under (Remastered) - Live
9.Learning To Live (Remastered) - Live
Greatest Hit [...and 21 other pretty cool songs]
1.Home [Scene Six] [Edited Version]
2.Hollow Years
3.To Live Forever
4.The Answer Lies Within
5.I Walk Beside You
6.Endless Sacrifice
7.The Spirit Carries On [Scene Eight]
8.Through Her Eyes [Scene Five] [Alternate Album Mix]
9.The Silent Man (Remastered Album Version)
10.As I Am
Cover Songs
2.Damage, Inc.
3.Different Strings / Analog Kid / La Villa Strangiato
5.Gates Of Babylon
6.Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
7.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
8.Happiness Is A Warm Gun
9.Hey You
10.In The Dead Of Night
11.Mean Street
12.O Holy Night
13.Red Hill Mining Town
14.Since I've Been Loving You
16.Wanted Dead Or Alive
Chaos In Motion
1.Intro (Provided)
2.The Minsitry Of Lost Souls
4.Lines In The Sand
6.Take The Time
7.Constant Motion
8.In the Presence of Enemies Part 1
Chaos In Motion 2007/2008
1.Constant Motion [live 2008]
2.The Dark Eternal NIght [live 2008]
3.Forsaken [live 2008]
Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 (Live)
1.Panic Attack (Live)
2.Blind Faith (Live)
3.The Dark Eternal Night (Live)
4.The Ministry of Lost Souls (Live)
5.In the Presence of Enemies (Live)
6.Schmedley Wilcox (Live)
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Live from the Boston Opera House
1.Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
2.Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu
3.Scene Nine: Finally Free
4.Illumination Theory
5.The Mirror (Live)
6.Illumination Theory (Live)
7.Breaking All Illusions
Miscellaneous 1
1.To Tame A Land
3.Tenement Funster/Flick Of The Wrist/Lily Of The Valley
4.Odyssey (Provided)
5.Take Your Fingers From My Hair
6.Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two (Provided)
7.Ministry of Lost Souls
8.In the Presence of Enemies Part 2
9.Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
10.The Spirit Carried On
11.A Mind Beside Itself: I. Erotomania (Provided)
12.Led Zeppelin Medley: The Rover/Achilles Last Stand/The Song Remains the Same (Live)
13.A Mind Beside Itself: III. The Silent Man
14.A Mind Beside Itself: II. Voices
16.Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper
17.Metropolis - Part I 'the Miracle And The Sleeper'
18.Funeral For A Friend - Love Lies Bleeding
19.Perfect Strangers
20.The Rover - Achilles Last Stand - The Song Remains The Same
21.The Rover , Achilles Last Stand , The Song Remains
22.A Mind Beside Itself
23.Acid Rain (Provided)
24.A Change Of Seasons (original Live Version )
25.Burning My Soul (demo Version)
26.Cover My Eyes
27.Don't Look Past Me
29.Hollow Years (demo Version)
30.Lines In The Sand (demo Version)
31.Speak To Me
32.Take Away My Pain
33.Take Away My Pain (alternate
34.The Way It Used To Be
35.To Live Forever (acoustic version)
36.Where Are You Now
37.You Or Me
38.About to Crash
39.Dark Eternal Night
40.Losing Time/Grand Finale
41.Scene Three: I. Through My Words
42.War Inside My Head
43.Solitary Shell
44.Scene One: Regression
45.Goodnight Kiss
46.The 3 Silent Man
47.Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
48.About To Crash (Reprise)
49.Peruvian Skies (Live)
50.The Big Medley: In the Flesh? / Carry On Wayward Son / Bohemian Rhapsody / Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' / Cruise Control / Turn It On Again
51.VII. About To Crash (Reprise)
52.Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
53.Scene Seven: II. One Last Time
54.Take Away My Pain (Live)
55.A Change of Seasons VII: The Crimson Sunset (Live)
56.Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu
57.Just Let Me Breathe (Live)
58.Caught in a Web (Live)
59.A Change of Seasons VII: The Crimson Sunset
60.Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
61.A Mind Beside Itself: Voices
62.A Mind Beside Itself: The Silent Man
63.Metropolis Part 1
64.Metropolis Pt.1 (Live)
65.Endles Sacrifice
66.A Change of Seasons II: Innocence
68.III. War Inside My Head
69.IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
70.Raise The Knife
71.Scene Four: Beyond This Life
72.A Change of Seasons II: Innocence (Live)
73.VIII. Losing Time - Grand Finale
74.The Test That Stumped Them All
75.Space-Dye Vest (Kevin Moore demo)
76.Finally Free (Live)
77.Another Day (Live)
78.Caught In A New Millennium (Live)
79.Beatles Medley: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End
80.Learning to Live (Live)
81.Beyound This Life
82.Perfect Strangers (Live)
83.One Last Time (Live)
84.Octavarium (2009 Remastered Album Version)
85.Sacrificed Sons (2009 Remastered Album Version)
86.Never Enough (2009 Remastered Album Version)
87.Panic Attack (2009 Remastered Album Version)
88.I Walk Beside You (2009 Remastered Album Version)
89.Another Day / Metropolis, Pt. 1
90.The Glass Prison (live)
91.Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy
92.Wither (album version)
93.The Best of Times (MP Vocal Demo)
95.Perfect Stranger
1.Bad (live)
2.Honor Thy Father (live)
3.The Great Debate (live)
4.Trial of Tears (I. It's Raining; II. Deep in Heaven; III. The Wasteland)
5.Perfect Strangers (Live - 'Uncovered' Version 1995)
6.On the Run (Provided)
7.Heart of the Sunrise
8.The Spirit Carries On (live rehearsal of original arrangement)
9.Our New World (feat.Lzzy Hale)
10.Highway Star
11.Master of Puppets
12.Leper Messiah
13.Home (live)
14.22 Acacia Avenue
15.Take Away My Pain (demo)
16.Dream Theater

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